Kim Katrin Milan

Writer. Educator. Artist.


A daughter of the diaspora, Venezuelan Arawak, West African, Indian; born in the Caribbean living currently between New York & Toronto.

A daughter of the diaspora, Afro Caribbean, Venezuelan Arawak, Indian and Scottish, hailing from Trinidad and living between Toronto & New York. Kim Katrin Milan is an award winning internationally acclaimed educator, writer & artist.

Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan make their marriage work with humor, honesty and a commitment to bear witness. They spoke onstage  at TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time, in San Francisco. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan make their marriage work with humor, honesty and a commitment to bear witness. They spoke onstage  at TEDWomen 2016: It’s About Time, in San Francisco. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

She is recognized stateside as one of The Root's' Young Feminists to Watch', celebrated in Canada as 2016’s National Youth Role Model and nationally as one of the 50 Most Loved Gay Canadians.

Since 2012, Kim has spoken at universities throughout Canada and the US to thousands of students, community members & educators. From Ivy League institutions including Princeton, Dartmouth to Canadian schools like McGill & Mount Allison. Kim has opened  for the cultural scholar Cornel West at UC Davis, delivered the keynote address at HBCU's Morehouse & Spelman's first Pride and was a beloved panelist at Amber Rose’s first Slutwalk. A passionate and detailed educator, she is dedicated to inclusivity and invested in peaking a sense curiousity and empathy in her audience. A public researcher, consultant and human rights educator, she shares over 100 unique resources and presentations online, and has delivered hundreds of workshops & trainings around intersectional issues including race, ability & gender. As a social entrepreneur, she speaks to diverse women about the opportunities and challenges for women in business and leadership roles. With great openness she welcomes difficult conversations hosting community dialogues and sharing practical strategies around ‘Rape Culture & Consent’, ‘Queer & Trans Allyship’ and ‘Anti-Racism & Equity’.

Kim wasn't one of those kids playing outside. She was inside in her room, voraciously reading and writing. Here, Kim created space in her imagination to, as she says, "be as big as I felt." A deep hunger for learning drove Kim to university.

She has hosted events for the United Nations, acted as the Grand Marshall for Hudson, NY Pride, and hosted the opening night Black Lives Matter panel at the Art Gallery Of Toronto and the opening of Toronto's first Basquiat retrospective.
She has contributed to Cosmopolitan, MTV, NBC, Larry King Now, Buzzfeed and the CBC both independently and alongside her husband Tiq Milan. She was featured in Elixher Magazine with Janet Mock, Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous & filmmaker Tiona McLodden as well as in OUT Magazine's 2015 Love Portfolio alongside Lee Daniels & Ruby Rose. The Revolutionary Black Love Series produced by Danielle Moodie Mills for NBC featuring the Milans has garnered praise from Ava Duvernay & the Advocate. She regularly contributes to TeleSur English, the Central American news network.

Kim is the co founder and the Executive Director of The People Project; 10 years of local and international community development through alternative education, art-activism and collaboration. Most recently hosting Laverne Cox at Supporting Our Youth for a LGBTQ youth centered dialogue. Kim also engages in community based healing initiatives including teaching Queer and Brown Girls Yoga, and hosting  healing retreats for femme identified Folks of Colour and Indigenous Folks. She is also one of the owners of the Glad Day Book Shop, the oldest LGBT bookstore in the world.

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November 4th
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St. Francis Xavier

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November 12th
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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November 28th
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Keynote Speaker
Peter Lougheed Leadership College Speaker Series

December 14th
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
SHSM Training Session
Harbord Collegiate High School



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