Wine Theme Kitchen Ideas

Mar 23rd
Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas
Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas

Wine theme kitchen ideas can make your kitchen look like it is set in the Mediterranean. You can recreate a Tuscan wine cellar look on any budget. Start the project by stripping down the kitchen to bare walls, just like grape harvesters do when it’s time to strip grapes from vines. Once your project is complete, invite everyone over for a wine tasting where you’ll gather plenty of compliments for your charming kitchen remake.

Steps of Decorating Wine Theme Kitchen Ideas

  • Tackle your kitchen walls first. Browse peachy-bronze, terra-cotta and roasted almond wall paint samples to see which reminds you most of wine country. Use your kitchen’s size as a selection guide, lighter shades expand the look of a small kitchen, while darker hues add intimacy to big spaces. Substitute glazes for paint if you long for the textured look and feel of plaster. Knock everyone’s socks off by adding a trompe l’oeil wallpaper mural depicting a scene from wine country on a long wall for.
  • Invest in quality cabinetry if you plan to be in your wine-themed kitchen for years to come. Rough-hewn cabinets with a primitive feel are ideal for this style of kitchen. Check out cherry or white distressed woods and you’ll be on the right track. Find cabinet knobs shaped into grape clusters or opt for whimsical fork, knife and spoon cabinet and drawer pulls.
  • Step up to new flooring. If you’ve visited wine cellars in Italy or California, you know that the feel of being surrounded by stone beneath the earth is unmistakable. Steal that feeling by using terra-cotta, slate or ceramic tiles to achieve the look of a cellar floor. Not only do many of these earthy tile colors look old world, but they do a great job of hiding dirt until you have time to mop.
  • Review myriad counter top, sink and faucet styles awaiting you at your favorite home improvement store. Go for granite if you’ve earmarked enough cash for real stone counter tops. Drop in a large, rectangular troth sink that looks as though it were just pulled out of a farm kitchen to reinforce your wine country theme. Match faucet metal to your appliances and cabinet knobs.

  • Light up your wine-themed kitchen with a primitive, wrought-iron chandelier. Or do what the Italians do: hang strings of bare, low-wattage bulbs across the ceiling so you feel as though you’ve arrived at a beautiful wine country patio every time you enter your kitchen.
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