Where to Put Appliances in a Small Kitchen

Aug 1st
Modern Appliances In A Small Kitchen
Modern Appliances In A Small Kitchen

If you are living in a house or apartment with a small kitchen, you may be driven mad trying to figure out where to put everything, and how to keep it organized. There are several great ways related to where to put appliances in a small kitchen.

Where to Put Appliances in a Small Kitchen: The Tips

Choose the Right Appliances – Of course, you are going to have to have smaller appliances in a small kitchen. In order to not feel like you are missing out on something, be sure to figure out first what appliances you really need.
You can buy a smaller refrigerator for your smaller kitchen. If you do not buy in bulk and eat mostly fresh foods, you can forgo the freezer entirely and get a fridge with a mini internal freezer that is just big enough for ice cubes and a few small items.

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 Placing Appliances in Kitchen Countertop
Your stovetop can have only four burners and a combination oven and broiler underneath. If you have small family or rarely cook, you can even find tiny two burner stove top models and use a separate wall oven. Microwave ovens are a great alternative as well. You can find under-counter microwaves that leave counter space free for food preparation.
Smart Storage Solutions – Deep cabinets can be made more efficient by storing boxes or non-kitchen goods at the back and using the front for food or other kitchen items. The backs of cabinet and pantry doors can hold a variety of specially made racks and organizers for your spices and utensils.

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Appliances Storages for Small Kitchen

Pots and pans can be stored in an unused oven or broiler. They can also be hung on ceiling racks or against the wall. Serving and cooking utensils can also be hung on wall pegs.
Eat In Kitchen – Even if your kitchen is very small, you can create an eat in kitchen by using space wisely. Of course, if you have a very large family, you will not be able to sit everyone in the kitchen. For smaller households though, it is quite possible.

Putting Appliances in a Small Kitchen

Consider using drop-leaf tables for your small kitchen. When eating, you can open up the table and sit down to enjoy your meal. After the meal is done and the table cleared, you can drop the sides of the table and keep it up against the wall.
For a couple, using a narrow table against the wall is an excellent option. You can even get a taller table and sit on stools that slide neatly underneath it when not in use. This will help to increase the open space in your small kitchen as well.

 Storaging Appliances in a Small Kitchen

If your home has only a small kitchen, you can still store everything you need in it and still have room to cook and eat there. By purchasing smaller appliances, using space wisely, and being able to condense the actual eating area, you can have a very neat and organized, eat-in small kitchen. So don’t get confused anymore about where to put appliances in a small kitchen.

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