Ways for Having All Silver Kitchens

Feb 27th
Silver Fern Kitchens
Silver Fern Kitchens

Silver is functional, elegant, and timeless. Those are only some of the qualities you’ll find in this precious metal. Right now many people love using and decorating with silver both sterling or silver-plate. Below are some ways to have all silver kitchens at your home.

Ways for All Silver Kitchens

  • Silver makes a beautiful statement when displayed with other collectibles. It is especially stunning paired with a wonderful collection of ironstone or cream ware.
  • Not only are silver serving pieces indispensably functional, they are a beautiful accessory in any room.
  • Silver kitchen will make us note the stunning centerpiece, gorgeous candelabras on the table, corner table and buffet and a domed server that would make guest feel like royalty at dinner time.
  • If you would like to incorporate a bit silver into your rooms, while keeping a clean, uncluttered look, consider a grouping of silver candlesticks; simple elegance at its best.
  • Just imagine the drama and statement a floor standing silver candelabra would make when ablaze with candlelight.
  • Beautiful kitchen and dining room will look aglow in silver. You can get the look from the mercury glass niche wall to the beautiful Spanish silver chandelier. It must be a truly amazing space in which to cook and dine.
  • Create a more perfect centerpiece by putting a silver bowl filled to overflowing with white roses. It’s guaranteed that your kitchen will look so gorgeous.
  • If you would like a little glitz or glam in the dining room, but would rather skip the periodic polishing, consider mercury glass. It’s elegant, affordable and readily available in many home decor shops.
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 Pestique Silver Kitchen

Before closing the articles of ways to have all silver kitchens, you should know some quick facts about silver: Sterling silver is actually an alloy of silver. It is comprised of 92.5% (by weight) of silver and 7.5% (by weight) of other metals, usually copper. Fine silver, which is 99.9 pure, is considered too soft to make functional objects for everyday use, thus, the need to include an alloy like copper for added strength. One way to usually verify if an item is actually sterling silver is to look for the mark, 925 or the word “sterling” somewhere on the piece. The true heyday of silver was during the 50-year period from 1870 to 1920. Imagine this…there were so many flatware lines introduced during this period, it was not unusual for dinner to include ten or more courses, starting with a soup course and progressing to a salad course, a fruit course, a cheese course, an antipasto course, a fish course, the main course and a pastry or dessert course.

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