Vintage Home Decor

Apr 9th
Vintage Home Decor Websites
Vintage Home Decor Websites

Vintage home decor is like inviting your guests to step back in time when they visit your home. You can spend a lot or a little to decorate your home in vintage style, by shopping at exclusive antique stores or visiting flea markets and thrift shops. When you find antique and vintage pieces for your home, give them a good inspection to check for quality and damage, and then tweak them as needed to fit into your modern interpretation of vintage style.
Steps of Vintage Home Decor
For starting the decoration process, you should prepare all these items; furniture, home accessories and painting and sanding supplies. After all those items are ready, you can begin the project.
Choose your furniture. The furniture will take up the most amount of space in your home, so you need to put it in before you start filling in the corners. For a vintage look, one option is to choose actual vintage fabrics or furnishings, including large florals and checked ginghams. This makes the furniture the showcase of your home; if you prefer the furniture to be secondary, then choose a neutral palette for your furnishings like chocolate brown leather or beige upholstery. Dark woods or painted woods bring the most vintage style to your home furnishings.
Repurpose vintage items for your wall decorations. Find old road signs or store advertisements at flea markets and antique shops, and use them to hang on your walls. Cover an old cabinet with a vintage pull shade or find vintage fabrics and wrap them around a bulletin board.
Add small items to the corners. Put a few vintage toys on your windowsill. Find vintage school books and place them on a shelf in your living room. Place vintage glasses or tin cans on your mantel and fill them with geraniums and daisies. Small finds can make a big statement if they find a home in the various small spaces of your home.
Touch up certain pieces and leave others as they are. Part of the vintage charm of an old book is that a child wrote his name on the inside covers. An old shutter with peeling paint can become an eyesore or even a danger if you have children in the house, so a good sanding can fix that problem.
Make new pieces look old. If you can’t afford actual vintage furniture, find some regular furniture at a yard sale and then paint it with white or black paint and sand down the edges to make it look antique. Cover tabletops with vintage postcards and then apply a clear gloss lacquer. Use fabric glue to cover new lampshades with vintage fabrics. The whole piece of furniture doesn’t have to be vintage in order to look the part.
Vintage home decor can bring a sense of history and home to a classic-styled abode. Like a snapshot of grandma’s house, natural fabrics, hand-embroidered linens and formal furnishings can create a nostalgic nod to a simpler time. Easily attainable accessories make this a joy to create.

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