Victorian Style Furniture for Getting the Greatest Lifestyle

May 21st
Furniture For Getting The Greatest Lifestyle Decor
Furniture For Getting The Greatest Lifestyle Decor

The principal idea behind any of the Victorian style furniture is detailed styling and intense and rich design. Most of the pieces of this era are crafted to perfection and not a single area of any piece is in want for carvings and design. In case you are in love with this furniture style you can easily make it the highlight of your interior design efforts. There are generally two ways in which you can go about this; you can either go for a complete Victorian themed room and furniture or introduce a single piece to highlight the particular area.
Choosing the Best Victorian Style Furniture
The characteristics of Victorian style furniture are furniture that is large, with heavy proportions that fill a room. The furniture will be elaborately carved, curvy and will have a lot of ornamentation. The carved designs for this era are curved lines, floral patterns, leaves and animals.
Construction – The wood that is used for Victorian furniture is dark wood such as walnut, mahogany and rosewood, but you will also be able to find some furniture that is made with oak or cherry. The upholstery on the chairs, sofas and the ottomans is very colorful, rich looking, elaborate and plush, and adorned with fringe, tassels and embellishments.
Colors and Styles – The colors most often used are deep reds, amber, emerald, and dark brown. Velvet is a common textile used on furniture as well as for window coverings. Some pieces of furniture have marble tabletops, along with marble mantels and some of the smaller marble furnishings. To match the Victorian style, you should have many pieces of furniture that includes furniture that is solely for the purpose of displaying the ornaments. The more “over the top” the furniture, the more it would be considered to be from the Victorian era.
The best feature of Victorian furniture is that they are eye catching. Where ever you choose to use this furniture style you can be sure that it will be the center of attraction. Taking advantage of this aspect of this style of furniture you can go for mixing and matching; using a few plain pieces along with a few Victorian styled furniture pieces, you can create a cozy setting that is physically pleasing and aesthetically appealing. In such a design, Victorian furniture generally is given the place of honor.
Alternatively, you can go for the reverse look too. You can completely model your home based on the Victorian theme where the Victorian furniture are essential to complete the look. This is especially suitable when dealing with the interior décor of country houses where the space available is generally quite huge. To cover these empty spaces the Victorian style furniture is used as a distraction since the huge pieces, intensely curved have the ability to grab attention wherever they are placed. Thus, it is up to you to decide how you would like to plan the interior of your home.

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