Unique Water Fountains: The Best Furniture to Accessorize Your Outdoor Space

Feb 3rd
Water Fountains Pictures
Water Fountains Pictures

Water fountains have been around for a very long time and are used in both the home and garden.  Take a trip to your local Home Improvement store and the chances are you’ll be presented with quite a range, in both size and style. If you have been considering a water fountains or water feature for the home or garden then you might have noticed that many of the stores stock pretty much the same variety, and if you want something a little different or even completely unique water fountains, you stay on the right page.

Gallery of Unique Water Fountains

When it comes to the unique or unusual, then you either have to find a specialist supplier, such as UK Water Features, or find an artist to produce a bespoke piece of artwork.  There is of course nothing quite like commissioning unique artwork for your home or garden and below we found some wonderful examples of water fountains that really do stand out.
In this first example would you ever have conceived that you can mix Fire & Water?  As you can see the overall effect is not only very unusual it is visually stunning to behold. The above water fountain is really going to appeal to your taste in the contemporary art and the uniqueness of the design.  It is certainly not that often you come across a water fountain that has incorporated Fire in to the design and this design would definitely best include in your garden.
Picture Two: Contemporary Water Fountain
If you do decide that you want a water fountain that nobody else has then the only choice is to commission an artist to produce something that meets your taste and requirements.  The above is a stunning example of a commissioned water fountain that is both abstract and contemporary.  If you live in a home with a contemporary interior design, then in most cases having a work of art commissioned is the best solution.
Something special from the above water fountain is its simplicity.  The use of stone and stainless steel complement each other perfectly, while the stainless steel takes on the dominant role of reflecting the cascading water.  This type of designed is often reproduced in water walls, that can be either incorporated into the interior design or garden landscaping.
The above photograph, of a wonderful modern water fountain, is perfect if you favor the minimalist landscape approach or you have limited space in your garden.  This design has 5 water fountain spouts which are beautifully lite and two lovely waterfalls to produce a soothing effect by the sound of running water.
If you do not have an awful lot of space in your garden, and you are torn between a water fountain and waterfall, and then why not have both?  The above is such a brilliant concept, as it does provide a fountain and waterfall all in one piece – so now you do not have to choose, you can have both.
It is not often that you see something really unusual, but when studying it further the water fountain table makes perfect sense.  Most people, with water features in their home like to be able to sit by them – due to the soothing effects the sound of running water has, such as a garden stream.  This design brings the elements of relaxation and water in unison and you for one would love to sit at this table with a nice bottle of wine and a really good book. What a way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.We are sure the examples above will inspire you and give you some idea that there are alternatives when it comes to having your own unique water fountains.

13 Picture Gallery: Unique Water Fountains: The Best Furniture to Accessorize Your Outdoor Space

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