Unique Wall Rack Design

Jul 20th
Bookshelf Wall Rack Design
Bookshelf Wall Rack Design

Wall racks are simple and ingenious storage solutions for things like books, decorations, personal collections and other small objects. They are particularly practical because they can be placed anywhere there is a little free space and this includes areas with no free floor space. Another interesting thing about wall rack design is that they come in all shapes and sizes and some of them have really creative and fun designs. Have a look at these examples.

Gallery of Unique Wall Rack Design

When we think of a wall-mounted rack we almost always envision a flat piece of wood, metal or other material. But this is not the only shape a shelf can take. For example, this is the series of very creative storage solutions. They are cylindrically-shaped shelves that come in several sizes and they can be combined in any way you like. You can use them to store small objects.
This is literally a book shelf. It’s a very ingenious idea for a rack and it has a charming vintage look. These shelves are great as statement pieces. In fact, they could be considered a work of art. They are vintage books turned into shelves and they can be used to store other books. What could be more appropriate for this purpose?

20 Picture Gallery: Unique Wall Rack Design

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This is a wall shelf that actually spells its designating term

It can be folded down or flipped out and it comes in the form of a punched-metal piece. It’s made in black and white and it uses words ad objects. It features 2d cut letters and it’s made of stainless steel. The letters are bent along the perforations at the bottom to form the actual shelf
Even though racks are every practical and functional, when you think about it, you actually don’t even need a sturdy, compact surface to store your books or other objects on. As designed Giulio Parini shows us, a few strands are enough for that. He experimented with this idea and created this minimalist system consisting of only a few iron rods and connectors.

Even though rack can theoretically be placed anywhere,

They are most useful in corner, where you can’t use anything else anyway. They allow you to use that small but useful space for storing books and all sorts of objects and it’s a system that can adapted to all the room, including the bathroom. This shelf system was designed by William Feeney and has twisted but well-balanced look.
It seems very simple and yet it has a detail that makes it unique. It’s an adjustable shelf designed by Catherine Greene and it has one end made of individual pieces of wood held together by fabric. It’s a flexible piece and it can be extended according to the user’s needs. Given its simple, natural look, it’s great for storing flower pots or utensils in the kitchen.If you’re stuck for space to store all your pots and pans, a wall rack can be a good solution. There are many materials to use in making wall rack design, from lumber to metal, pipe or even bamboo.

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