Tuscan Themed Kitchen Brings an Old World Charm

Mar 6th
White Tuscan Kitchen
White Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscany is a region in Italy known for its art, culture, and the enchanting landscape of olives and the production of its wines. Many Tuscan family lives at home are centered on the kitchen, where families gather to prepare food, socialize and eat together. Old world charm in this area is a popular theme for the design of the kitchen. Tuscan themed kitchen is very inspired by the Mediterranean region and feature-rich earth tones such as brown, red, orange, yellow, and green.

The Elements of Tuscan Themed Kitchen

Cabinet is one of the largest investment and focal point in the Tuscan themed kitchen. Wood cabinets in a dark and rich colors work well for Tuscan style kitchen. You can save money on buying expensive wood with pine cabinets and staining them with mahogany, cherry or walnut color. Lightweight timber can also be used, especially if the element appears in curio cabinets, textured or have a hint of gold color in it. Tuscan style to perfection, look for cabinets with architectural details, such as carving or molding curved or layered.
Counters are also things that you should really look for when choosing Tuscan style as your kitchen design. A stone table is almost essential, although you can choose between the slabs of stone or stone tile. A slab of stone will be easier to clean and does not require grout can become discolored or loosening between the cracks of each tile.
Granite counter tops can also be an outstanding choice. Countertops are available in various colors and usually have spots of two or more different colors, making it easy to match the counter with the other colors in your kitchen.
Travertine counters are generally composed of different shades of the same color and has a banded appearance which highlights the position of the earth. Colorless solid stone countertops are a good option if you want to create a uniform look on your table.
Tile backsplashes are very important for the Tuscan kitchen. To maintain the attractiveness of Tuscan, you can use one color, or combine the colors of the earth, such as green, blue, orange, yellow and red. Mosaic tile is a popular choice and looks unique when made from pieces of tile.
Consider creating a mosaic, colorful custom behind the stove to set the area apart. How to get the look is to find tiles in the same finish as the rest of your backsplash but choose the larger size and lay on their sides like diamonds and adding a border. Hand painted tiles to create a Tuscan landscape, wine, glass of wine, some olives or olive oil bottles.
You can enhance your Tuscan theme with textured walls that add a natural element to your home. An accent wall made of river stones or round Flagstone will blend seamlessly with other elements of your Tuscan kitchen. Large stuccoes wall texture is an outstanding choice and fairly easy for you to do yourself. You could do a faux finish with a two-toned colors and wall treatments such as brushing, sponging and glazing.
For the wall color selection, you can choose the color yellow. Tuscan colors are popular, or you can also use other earth tones such as brown, orange or green for your room. Exposed wooden beams on the walls and ceilings add to its rustic charm. Wooden decorate with stencils, such as olive leaf, is an easy painting project that makes authentic Tuscan beam.
Tuscan-inspired kitchen floor you have to mimic the appearance of vacant land for Tuscan style centered on natural colors. DAPT wood floors work well, such as ceramic tiles in shades of brown or tan. To break the dull tile floor, you can add accents them with small tiles of different colors in the corner where four tiles meet. Terracotta tiles are evocative of the Mediterranean and will give your floors look rich clay.
Lighting for Tuscan kitchen plays a strategic role to turn the whole theme of the kitchen. For that, you can put a chandelier in the middle of your kitchen play up your cabinetry architectural detail. Skip chandelier gems, instead opting for a simple brass or wrought iron chandelier with candle holders. Candlestick Chandelier may contain a light bulb that can be accented with real candles or they can be designed to handle fake candlestick style lights.
Accessories are also working with exceptional Tuscan style to display in your kitchen. You can start with a simple wooden bowl with the wine, whether real or fake, coordinate well. Hang fake wine grapes to your window frame and for a bit of green in the kitchen. Place your wine bottles and decanters of olive oil on the screen. Put your spices in clear glass containers and displays them in an iron spice rack. Choosing a large kitchen table made from wood, apply a distress signal to make the table look simpler. Choose your dishes and glasses with brown, orange, red, yellow and green colors to complete the table.Tuscan themed kitchen will be wonderful if you regard the elements that support the way the kitchen built. However, you cannot ignore the comfort that you should have while you cook in the kitchen.

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