Tuscan Style Kitchen Plans

Jul 17th
Decorating Tuscan Style Kitchen Plans
Decorating Tuscan Style Kitchen Plans

Tuscan style kitchen plans must be composed of earthy colors and provides an open, bright feeling. When designing this type of kitchen, choose a warm color palette and redesign a variety of elements, including: countertops, furniture, artwork and flooring.

Steps of Designing Tuscan Style Kitchen Plans

  • Choose a Tuscan-inspired color palette. Tuscan-style kitchens should feel bright and airy. Select colors that are warm, such as deep reds and bright yellows. Tie these colors into the rest of your kitchen accessories and art pieces.
  • Purchase marble countertops and a Tuscan-style table. Create a Tuscan feel by selecting marble countertops that coordinate with your paint colors. For example, if you’ve chosen a bright yellow for the walls, choose a marble that has brown and yellows (think clay with a splash of yellow).
  • Purchase gold and brass fixtures for your facets and kitchen drawers. In addition, you can purchase a coordinating chandelier and install it above your kitchen table.
  • Select art for your kitchen. Choose art pieces inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Find these pieces by visiting your local art gallery and asking to view pieces that are inspired by the Greek and Roman eras.
  • Create a Tuscan centerpiece for your kitchen table. Choose a brass or gold bowl, and fill it with fake versions of foods that are common in Tuscan meals, such as: olives, tomatoes and grapes. You’ll want fake versions of these foods so you don’t have to replace them often, and so they don’t attract pests.
  • Install Tuscan-style flooring. Choose clay tiles, marble flooring and ceramic with a soft glaze. Finish off the look with a rug that ties into your color palette. Place under your kitchen table if you want to make it a point of focus for the room.
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Decorating Tuscan Style Kitchen Plans

To complete the design of your Tuscan kitchen, you should decorate it as well using these following ideas:
Open Cabinets – Tuscan designs favors an open look, where all of the kitchen tools and utensils are on display and within easy reach. One way to utilize this look is to take the cabinet doors off of your cabinets. Display your dishes and your cups in the cabinets by tilting a few up on their sides or mounting them on edge inside the cabinet next to the stacked dishes. Open cabinets also create a more open space in the kitchen, allowing the kitchen to look larger and more spacious.

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Tuscan Kitchen Interior Designs

Sauce Bottles – Tuscan kitchen design encourages the look of a kitchen that is used, where food is a feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. Use clear decanters filled with vinegar and olive oil to add a jewel-like flash to your counters and to your cabinets. Use several small bottles filled with different types and colors of vinegar set in a row, or use just a few tall bottles on the table as a centerpiece. Look for olive oil bottles that have sprigs of rosemary or other herbs inside for a rich, textured look.

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Tuscan Style Kitchen Design
Ropes of Garlic – Garlic is an essential part of Italian cuisine, so display it prominently in your kitchen. A rope of papery, white garlic bulbs is an excellent wall hanging, and when you want, you can simply snap a bulb off to use in your cooking. Make your own garlic rope by braiding the tops of the garlic together and then hanging it up to dry, or simply purchase a garlic rope from a farmer’s market or specialty food store.
Textures – Tuscan kitchens are all about a natural aesthetic, so skip the polished steel and the super-slick counters. Instead, choose faucets in a soft bronze or gold, and choose a warm terracotta tile for the floor. For the countertops, consider marble or granite. If you need more counter space in your kitchen, choose a butcher’s block with a natural finish to the wood.

White Tuscany Style Kitchen Plans
Tuscan style kitchen plans must be welcoming and warm, and it allows you to be creative using a variety of elements. Decorate your entire kitchen using a Tuscan theme, or simply consider using a few decorative Tuscan elements.

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