Tuscan Kitchens Design

Jul 15th
Tuscan Kitchens Design Set
Tuscan Kitchens Design Set

If your dream kitchen includes a large gathering table and chairs or benches to seat the entire family, warm sunshine streaming in through the windows with bold, warm, earthy colors throughout the space, natural elements including wood, tile and stone, you’ll be thrilled with Tuscan kitchens design.

Creating Your Own Tuscan Kitchens Design

Inspiring Design for Tuscan Kitchen
Tuscany style kitchens are strong yet welcoming, bold yet serene. How is this balance achieved? First, by selecting Tuscan kitchen colors, which include those found in nature: reds, burgundy, oranges, yellows, olive green, ivory, turquoise, deep purple, brown and black.

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How you use these bold colors depends on your own decorating style and comfort. But know that you can comfortably place just about any of the colors (except black) described above on your walls and remain true to Tuscan kitchen colors and design. Suggestion: select shade of deep gold for the walls. It will always present a warm, sunny tone and will provide a beautiful backdrop for your darker wood cabinetry.

Tuscan Country Kitchen Photos
The bold colors will be balanced by the natural elements used such as tile, plaster, wood beams, stone and wood furniture, usually oak or pine. Cabinetry should be of a medium to dark wood grain, or a deep, dark wood tone (almost black) for those of you who are more adventurous in their Tuscan Kitchen decor. Your cabinets and furniture will be accented by the warm, beautiful color on the walls of the Tuscany style kitchen. Cabinet pulls should be iron, pewter or wood.

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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Floors should be tile, stone or wood to most closely follow the Tuscan kitchens design (think of that old Italian kitchen in the country). Natural lighting will influence your wall color, although you will want to make sure that you have numerous sources of lighting in your Tuscan kitchen design. Examples include an iron chandelier, under counter lighting, lighting above the cabinetry, brushed pewter lights, etc.
If your kitchen is large enough for an island, a Tuscan influence in this area may include pots hanging above, and counter tops of tile or stone. If faux stone is in your budget, there are many choices that are realistic in look and will give the same result for your Tuscan style kitchen decor.

Accessories continue the colorful and bold theme of Tuscan design, and many times include pottery, pewter and copper pieces. Whether you have collected, inherited, antiqued or spent some time at the discount store, your Tuscan kitchen design will include these pieces. Themes and patterns will often include fruit, grapes in particular. Beautifully colored tiles, whether used as a back splash or decoratively, are also found in Tuscan style kitchen decor.
Consider bold area rugs, greens (natural or faux), natural finish fixtures in dark brown or black, stainless appliances and touches of fruit, grapevines and/or sunflowers.

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Tuscan Style Kitchen
Remember as you design and decorate your Tuscan style kitchen to keep to these strategies: bold, earthy colors, natural elements and large scale proportions. Use a healthy dose of accessories keeping a watchful eye out for knowing when enough is enough. Above all, create a warm and inviting environment for the entire family to enjoy together, and you will have accomplished your Tuscan kitchens design goal.

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