Tuscan Kitchen Designs and Colors

Mar 24th
Tuscan Kitchen Wall Colors
Tuscan Kitchen Wall Colors

Tuscan Kitchen Designs and colors are probably one of the best means to uplift a kitchen to an artistic vision. The theme continues to hold the life and vibrancy that is now at the forefront of kitchen designs. The Tuscan style is rich, colorful and revolves around the artistic epicenter of Italy with its culture. A Tuscan Kitchen Design is often more than just a regular kitchen.

Tuscan Kitchen Designs and Colors: Basic Design Elements

A Tuscan kitchen has the ability to become a living room as well as a functioning kitchen. Given the beauty of Tuscan design, it has become widely popular with the kitchens of today. Tuscan style gives a modern kitchen an old world appeal. Although the basic design may have a tendency to vary, the overall theme of the design virtually remains the same.

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Color – The Tuscan style emphasizes color and walls. Texture is vital to Tuscan style. One way to use this design element within a Tuscan kitchen is by creating wall textures with frescoes, murals and stone. Wall and accent colors are straw, golden honey, dark brown, sandstone, raw/burnt umber, raw/burnt sienna, warm gray, milky white with muted shades of rusty/brick red, terracotta, yellow ocher, deep cotton red, grayed warm pastel pink, pale warm yellow, apricot and peach. Often the darker hued colors are sponged over a lighter background. This creates an elegant, old world appeal of a genuine Tuscan kitchen designs and colors.

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Natural Stone – The right type of countertops is important to Tuscan style. Nothing says Tuscany more than beautiful, rich granite countertops. Granite countertops are the truest essence of Tuscan style. Other types of natural stone such as marble are also used. The travertine stone is another type of stone counter that is growing in popularity and it blends perfectly with the theme of a Tuscan Kitchen Design. Without a doubt the counters and walls set the stage for Tuscan style.

Metal – Metal is given great importance for accentuating the beauty of Tuscan kitchens. Stainless steel appliances are already all the rage and are a great compliment to a Tuscan style kitchen. Pot racks, candleholders, wrought iron mantle pieces and artifacts, and serving trays add to the grandeur and style of the Tuscan Kitchen Design to its full potential. Metal acts as the accessorizing force for Tuscan themes.

Tuscan Kitchen Designs and Colors: Basic Colors

Tuscan kitchen colors are inspired by the colorful sunrises and warm sunsets of the Tuscan countryside. It’s also helpful to think about the rich burgundies of red wines, the luscious greens of fresh olives, and the sparkling waters of clear blue lakes. The key when creating a Tuscan-inspired kitchen is to think of beautiful Mediterranean colors.

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Warm and Inviting Tuscan Kitchen Colors – Infuse Old World character and charm into the most popular room in your home with a romantic Tuscan decorating theme. Welcome the sunshine inside and breathe new life into your kitchen by painting and decorating with a rich palette of warm colors inspired by nature and Earth’s bounty. Old World is a popular interior decorating choice today and it encompasses design themes such as Tuscan, Italian Villa, French Chateau, Mediterranean, Castle and Dutch Cottage.

Yellow – Warm yellows are excellent for Tuscan-style kitchens. They are reminiscent of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that can be seen over the rolling Tuscan hills. Make sure to use warm yellows that have undertones of red and orange. These make great wall colors and work as a lovely background to brighter, bolder colors.

Terra Cotta – Terra cotta is great to use on kitchen walls because it reminds one of the old crumbling clay walls found on ancient Tuscan buildings. It also brings to mind the clay pots full of herbs that can often be found on Tuscan windowsills. Besides just paint, terra cotta can be used for accents in the kitchen. Pots, vases and other accessories in terra cotta colors are a great addition to an old-world Italian kitchen.

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Brown – While it may not sound glamorous, earthy browns are a wonderful color to use in Tuscan kitchens. Think of big beautiful harvest tables and wooden beams running across the ceiling. Kitchen cabinets also look great when they’re a mix of aged brown wood and glass.

Blue – Blue can be used as an accent color in a Tuscan kitchen because it brings to mind the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Be sure not to use too much of it, though. While warm yellows and terra cottas work well as wall colors, blue is better suited to backsplashes and accessories.

Green – Like blue, bright green can be a great color for a backsplash. It also works well for accessories such as collections of Majolica. However, warmer, darker greens such as olive are also appropriate for a Tuscan kitchen. They mix well with terra cotta and can be used liberally throughout the room.

Tuscan kitchen designs and colors primarily defined by yellow-based colors, while cool colors balance the spicy palette with a soothing variety of gorgeous blues and purple hues reminiscent of sparkling turquoise lakes, aged burgundy wine and fragrant fields of lavender.

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