Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas: Joy in Your Kitchen

Feb 6th
Tuscany Kitchen Design Style
Tuscany Kitchen Design Style

Tuscan kitchen design ideas reflect all the love, warmth and joy found in northern Italy’s Tuscany region. This style is very popular for its old world charm and earthy colors provide. Natural materials, such as stone and woods, have been as artistic tile creations in Tuscan style kitchen. However, the kitchen design should encourage the celebration of food and family to have a really touch of Tuscan.

Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas: The Important Lists

The important list is opened by wooden cabinet. Wooden cabinets are an important part of any Tuscan kitchen design. Medium to dark wood cabinets, with or without hand-carved detail, is the most popular choice for Tuscan kitchen. However, bleached wood and painted wood are also a great choice. Options include a variety of popular table tile, stone or wood.

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Dark cherry colored wood cabinets with trim around the doors hand carved wine each provide traditional Tuscan style. Small, round, copper-colored cabinet doors and drawer knobs add old world accent. Polished, white spots, gold granite countertops provide a sense of warmth and complement the cabinet knobs. A backsplash according to the thin trim tiles glazed terra cotta above gives earthy yet clean, accent.

The next essential parts of Tuscan kitchen design ideas are rustic floors and walls. They can create an ideal backdrop for many decorative accents Tuscan kitchen design. However, the country does not have to mean boring. Although plain white plaster walls are popular, Venetian plaster, natural stone, brick, painted brick walls and light wood are also common. Popular floor includes all kinds of natural wood or stone. Terra cotta tiles, colorful tiles and mosaic tiles are also popular for floors, walls and wainscots low.

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Big, square, dark golden tiles on the floor give a warm glow to the kitchen. White plasters walls with random pieces missing to reveal the red brick adds a touch of the old world. Dark cherry colored wood moldings at the top and bottom of the wall remain sharp style and complement hints of red brick. A tile mural made up of a basket of fruit and vegetables stuffed in the wall behind the sink add a splash of color to the room.

Next, a dining area in the kitchen is an important part of Tuscan design. The welcoming atmosphere provided by tables and chairs turns the room into a place to gather and enjoy a meal and not just a place to prepare food. Every ancient, large, wooden table is a great choice.

A large, round, worn, dark honey-colored wood dining table provides ample space for a large family to sit down for dinner. Carved table legs with lion paw feet and trim around the side of the table wine adds an artistic accent. Large wooden chair with hand-carved wine-cut backs and legs provides comfortable seating with old world flair.

For final touch, decoration for Tuscan kitchen design ideas must consists mainly of food-related items. Dried garlic wreaths adorn the top of each window and a basket of fruit or vegetables to decorate the counter. Hanging copper pots and pans can adorn the walls, and hand-painted plates and bowls can adorn a shelf, table or counter.

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