Treatments for Tuscan Kitchen Windows

Feb 27th
Window Design of Tuscan Style
Window Design of Tuscan Style

Houses in Tuscany have casement windows that open into the room. Tuscan kitchen windows are usually attached to the window frame itself, rather than to a curtain rod on the wall above the window. Most traditional window curtain treatments cover the entire windowpane, or at least most of it, and remain in place during the day.
The lightweight cotton fabric is good enough for Tuscan window treatment since it is translucent, but you can’t actually see through it. Find very few transparent net curtains and float voiles as window curtain treatments in Tuscany, and there may be two reasons for this.

Firstly, while you do want the daylight, you also want to protect your living space from the glare of the sun. Secondly, a semi-sheer fabric protects your privacy better. This is particularly true for Tuscan window treatments in small towns and villages, where the houses practically sit on top of each other and your neighbors know all about you.

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Styles of Tuscan Kitchen Windows

Tuscan style window coverings are an all-white affair. They’re usually rather simple, and old pieces of Tuscan style drapery are almost always handmade. There’s enough variety in styles to keep you entertained for a long time. And if you’re the crafty type,

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You could have some fun copying the Tuscan style curtains that work best for your home.

a) Renaissance cutwork embroidery, on plain cotton panels, is a style of Tuscan window treatments you’ll find throughout Tuscany, even in the larger cities.This type of window curtain treatment looks good when gathered onto a (skinny) curtain rod (as in the picture above left), but the designs really come into their own when you hang them as flat panels to the inside of your windows.Originally, this type of Tuscan style drapery was made by hand, but hardly anyone does that any more. Besides, you can buy good-looking machine embroidered panels like these at street corners all over Tuscany.Apart from Renaissance cutwork, there are several further options for original Tuscan window treatments:

b) Crochet lace. It’s easy to make these little panels yourself, but you may be able to buy similar ones where you live.

c) Lace borders added to a rectangle of cotton fabric, if you’re in a hurry, this is an efficient way to ‘duct-tape’ some Tuscan window treatments together before breakfast.

d) Lace/crochet inserts. Even very small ‘intarsia’ can turn boring rectangles of white cotton into intriguing Tuscan window treatments.

Turn a plain Jane room into a Tuscan villa by making over the walls, windows and floors. You can go grand and add architectural elements that recall Tuscany, such as arches, big-picture windows (with garden views), sconces and columns. Windows are emphasized in Tuscan kitchen decor, because natural light and the outdoors are brought inside as much as possible. Use no window coverings or sheers that allow light to spill inside. Hang leafy plants around entrances or plant a wildflower garden in sight of the Tuscan kitchen windows.

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