Top Contemporary Kitchen Designs 2013

Mar 18th
Minimalist Look for 2013 Kitchen Trend
Minimalist Look for 2013 Kitchen Trend

Upcoming kitchen design will reflect changes in the way we spend our time at home. Kitchen Trends in 2013 are no longer on the side only functional, but also focus on the social layout as the family began to cheer and eat more often. The style adopted for the development of the kitchen in the coming year is contemporary. This style is considered to reflect the lifestyle changes that occur in society and life style to accommodate the needs of modern society. With so many changes coming in the year ahead, here are some of the top contemporary kitchen designs 2013.
Color – The first design change in the next year opened with a color change. If this year remained stable in terms of supporting the darker color, 2013 design predict changes in light. A more neutral color, with dark marble counter tops and stone to create a view, a natural elegance will become a trend. Pale solid wood flooring remains popular, but some designers also offer designs with new materials previously not become a trend, such as bamboo.
Lighting – The next of the top contemporary kitchen designs 2013 is focused on lighting. LED lighting still holds a tremendous role in the global world of interior design at this time. Not only for the energy efficiency of the property but also as part of a focus on integration. Making basic features of the lighting is not only functional requirements. By continuing with the lighting to the next room to the kitchen allows light to be able to meet the needs of the entire home without sacrificing style.
Equipment – A growing requirement for a simple, minimalist kitchen design has led to increased integration tools. Most of the equipment for the 2013 kitchen trends hidden in the closet, under-counter fridge is used more to keep the surface. Ovens, the main kitchen, will appear in classic stainless steel. Brand names like Bosch or Viceroy, both of which can be found at Wren Kitchens, still as significant in the usual design considerations.
Backsplashes – Glass backsplashes that are going to be used in the design scheme in almost every kind of style kitchen in 2013. This backsplash would be a top choice because it offers the simple, clean, and a surface that is both easy to maintain and easy to match with existing kitchen. Back-painted glass will also be very popular to add a splash of color in a modern kitchen, and reflects soft LED lighting to create an atmosphere, an open invite.
Social design – Emphasis on living in your kitchen trends is highlighted in 2013. This is demonstrated by the growing popularity of design that features a large kitchen island on the dining table. These changes are characteristic of the shift from the dining room into the kitchen as the family began to spend more time in their homes for dinner and drinks. Small changes also affect the increase in popularity of interior kitchen, in particular, becomes less bulky cabinet handles, with most designers choosing instead to deal with hidden drawers and one-touch, both for style and comfort.Top contemporary kitchen designs 2013 focus on simplicity, functionality, integrity that are going to modernize your life. The designs will help your cooking life more easily.

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