Tiling for Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

Feb 10th
Tiling of Mediterranean Kitchen Design
Tiling of Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean kitchen ideas are exotic and colorful, that’s why the tiles that you choose should reflect the dramatic nature of the room. Mediterranean kitchen tile can be used on the floor, as a backsplash or trim in kitchen design. A Mediterranean theme that combines global color, texture and pattern in interior design, provide additional aesthetic to the room.
Here are the things you should consider dealing with the tiling process of  Mediterranean kitchen ideas:

Mediterranean Kitchen Tile Ideas

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The first one you should consider to get the perfect Mediterranean style look is you can mix a variety of tile sizes. You can add a dimension to the Mediterranean-themed kitchen by using different sizes of tiles on the floor or as a backsplash. To create a complex design, you can mix and match small tiles with larger tiles. You can mix any size tile at random, or you can mix up the tiles in rows according to size. For example, you could have a row of 4-by-4-inch tiles with a row of 1-by-1-inch tiles above or below the line. Generally, the floor looks better with a 4-by-4-inch tile mixed with large 12-by-12-inch tiles. Small tiles can be too busy in the design of the floor. Mix and match different-sized tiles can bring an exotic appeal to your Mediterranean kitchen.
Mediterranean Tiling Ideas
Choose vivid colors tile are the next tiling ideas. Mediterranean kitchen one of the most eye-appealing tile ideas is to use solid or patterned tiles to create brightly colored floor, backsplash or wall tiles. These decorative tiles can be a uniform solid color such as red, blue, aqua, turquoise or yellow, or you can use a mixture of colored or patterned tiles to create a mosaic. If you mix and match a large number of colored tiles, it is best to use a smaller 1-by-1-inch or 4-by-4-inch squares. If you want to get a monochromatic look, you can get it by sticking together patterned tile or solid colored tiles throughout.

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Mediterranean Tiling Style Kitchen Design
Contrast floor and wall tile is an interesting idea. A Mediterranean kitchen can combine two different tile textures into the living space. For example, the floor can be designed with large 12-by-12-inch tiles, sandstone, but the backsplash behind the stove and the sink may have a small 1-by-1-inch ceramic or porcelain tiles. Variations slate, stone and glass tile can also be used to bring texture into your kitchen design Mediterranean. You can have more contrasting ideas, but to keep in mind do not use more than two different textures of the tiles in the kitchen.

Tiling of Mediterranean Kitchen Design
Mediterranean kitchen ideas are great for your kitchen, but they can look awful if you do not regard the way of you tile in the kitchen.

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