The Newest Trend of Kitchen Designs

Mar 4th
Futuristic Design of 2013 Kitchen
Futuristic Design of 2013 Kitchen

Many people prepare their homes for new outlook in order not to be outdated. What about kitchen? Kitchen designs will still focus on contemporary style with modern concept. As high technology grows rapidly, kitchen technology has been also more modern than before. What trens kitchen will be like? You should prepare for these items below.

Preparing for Kitchen Designs

Contemporary kitchen design usually only applies white, black and natural colors, but for trend kitchen the colors can be so various. Red and light green with contemporary style are going to be nice choice. Light colors will be the newest trend but still keeping modern and minimalist design. So now you can choose your favorite color for your modern kitchen.

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Besides color variation, the newest trend for trend kitchen designs is the using of kitchen cabinets with folding door. These cabinets will hide your kitchen appliances very nicely. They also can save your space maximally and give a wonderful touch to your kitchen; your kitchen will look more modern with chic, stylish and bold appearance.

Kitchen hoods will not work as something that keeps the air of your kitchen fresh and always new. Today, you will see kitchen hoods as something wonderful and decorative. They will not only be functional items, but also completed with decorative chandelier that change your kitchen appearance to be more beautiful. Besides the chandelier, the glossy paint of kitchen hood will be the other appeal of your kitchen.

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Finger pull cabinets are very popular in contemporary kitchen design. In this time, finger pull cabinets will be replaced with cabinets that are easy to open only by slight touching. They come with recessed handles and drawers that simple, elegant and easy to clean.

Countertops and kitchen islands will come with newest technology in kitchen trend designs. Contemporary wooden materials, tempered glass with integrated LED, marble and natural stone are what countertops and kitchen islands in 2017 will have. Kitchen cabinets are still made of wood but with innovative designs and aluminum frames that present light but durable materials.

As what contemporary style introduces simple, integrated and beautiful designs, 2017 kitchen extend those ideas. Kitchen will come in spacious island and extend working and dining area in one space. Functionality and simplicity are keys for interior design trend kitchen.

For you who love something unique, trend kitchen design presents cabinetry with exotic wooden material in mimic animal skin. It will bring a luxurious kitchen to your house. Dark colors and elegant contrasts are keys to support this unusual theme for 2017.

Dark wooden colors will work very nicely with white kitchen. Moreover, spacious is what you should have in 2017 kitchen. That’s why trend kitchen design will bring a large kitchen peninsula design that display a cooking top and dining surface with light frame.

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All about simplicity, functionality, integrity and beauty you will get in trend kitchen. Sliding kitchen island surfaces, extending cooking and dining surfaces, hang cabinet with automatic switches of opening and closing mechanism are what you should have for your latest trend kitchen. To have more futuristic designs, mini computers and touch sensors, built into cabinet doors and reacting to a light touch, are you should put in your kitchen.

Trend Kitchen designs are influenced by modern interior design trends that bring the interconnection with simplicity, integrity, functionality and beauty but without ignoring the elements for improving health, life quality and vitality.

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