The History of Japanese Kitchen Modern Designs

Mar 23rd
Sleek and Modern Japanese Kitchen Design
Sleek and Modern Japanese Kitchen Design

When you are talking about Japanese kitchen modern designs, you have to talk about traditional Japanese kitchen designs since the modern designs cannot exist without the traditional ones. Traditional Japanese kitchens and cooking centered on the stove and the hearth. Food was cooked in pots over a kamado, a stove made of earth or clay. It functions much like a modern stove, except that it is heated by an open fire instead of gas or electricity.

Contemporary Japanese kitchen design

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The hearth or irori was another important place for cooking, eating, and entertaining and is the image that often comes to mind when thinking of traditional Japanese folk houses. It consisted of a square pit in the floor filled with earth or ashes. Over the pit is a hook which is used to hang pots and kettles over the fire. While the irori was used for cooking, it also provided heat and light to the home. Traditional Japanese cooking involves a lot of boiling, broiling, steaming, grilling, and frying, and while the modern kitchen is very similar to its western counterpart, it has developed in a way that centers on these techniques.

The New Things in Japanese Kitchen Modern Designs

A typical modern Japanese kitchen includes these following things that you cannot find in traditional Japanese kitchens; gas stove, large sink, cabinets, and electric water boiler. Typical homes will also have a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a rice cooker, and a toaster oven. Less common are dishwashers and ovens.

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Japanese Kitchen Modern Design

The centerpiece of the traditional kitchen, the kamado, has been replaced by the gas stove which often has an integrated broiler. In smaller kitchens, there are only one or two burners, while more often it is three to four burners, with a narrow grill underneath for fish or vegetables. In the low-end apartments, stoves are often not built-in but rather a counter-top appliance, which is attached with a hose to a gas or power outlet. In case of earthquakes, the gas tap is to be turned off to prevent fires.

Japanese Kitchen Style

Countertop in Japanese kitchen modern designs is usually made of cultured marble, but wood or natural stone is used for higher-end kitchens and stainless steel are used for commercial or lower-end kitchens.
Refrigerator and freezer are the things you must have for Japanese kitchen nowadays. Especially in smaller kitchens for apartments, the top is usually low enough to use as an additional surface, particularly for appliances, similar to Western dormitory-sized refrigerator/freezers. In larger kitchens, full height refrigerators are common.

Modern Japanese Kitchen Futuristic Design

Over 95% of Japanese houses now have electric rice cooker. Every Japanese kitchen nowadays also has electric water boiler or kettle, particularly for making tea, but also instant ramen. Portable vacuum flasks are popular for carrying home-brewed tea, particularly hot tea in the winter and cold tea in the summer, particularly cold oolong tea.
A large oven and dishwasher are notably absent in Japanese kitchens. While baking is popular, most people do not have a dedicated oven. Instead, hybrid microwave ovens have been developed that have special modes for baking and toasting as well as modes for heating rice, sake, and bento (lunch box). Large gas ovens are found in some kitchens, particularly in the higher-end dwellings, but in the most kitchens, convection microwave are used instead. Dishwashers can be found in the kitchens for house and condominium, but rarely found in the apartments.

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Sleek and Modern Japanese Kitchen Design
Many of these appliances have been adapted for the Japanese kitchen modern designs. For example, until recently it was not common for appliances to be built into the cabinets, so dishwashers and ovens have been available as countertop models. However, newer homes often have a “system kitchen” in which appliances such as the stove, broiler, and dishwasher are integrated into the cabinets.

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