The Essential Keys of Contemporary Kitchen Design

Feb 12th
Stainlee Steel Countertops with Integral Sink
Stainlee Steel Countertops with Integral Sink

Kitchen designs have been developed rapidly these years. Many architects find newest designs and ideas to create a kitchen not only for cooking place, but also a trendy place that can be a focal point of your house. One of the designs that can make your kitchen looks gorgeous is contemporary kitchen design. Many people change their existing kitchen design to contemporary design since the design focuses on simplicity, integrity and beauty. The design also displays a luxury of cooking and eating place that makes everyone staying there feel comfort to do their activity.

How to Create a Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Although it is not a brand new thing anymore, but there are still many people get confused about contemporary kitchen design. What it is like, what they should prepare to create it, and what elements they should have are the common questions related about the design. To answer and satisfy all your curiosity, here we’ll give you complete information about important elements that you should prepare for having a wonderful contemporary kitchen.

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Cabinetry is the first thing you should prepare. If you still keep a cabinet with too much detailed and overwrought fussy looking, you should replace it. Contemporary design focuses on simplicity; you don’t need too much detail in your cabinet, full overlay slab panel door and drawer fronts are the best choices for contemporary cabinetry. Don’t forget to choose white and darker natural woods like walnut and mahogany to make your contemporary cabinetry looks perfect.

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You cannot underestimate the appearance of counter tops.

For creating contemporary design for kitchen, you should move away your granite countertops. Granite looks too heavy for this design that applies simplicity. If you love granite, you should choose granite that has been flamed and not polished since they look simple and light. However, the best choice for contemporary countertops is light colored Quarts and marble counter tops, especially Calcutta gold marble. They will present luxury of this design.

Hardware for contemporary design also focuses on simplicity. All the purpose of contemporary hardware is to decrease the clutter of kitchen’s visual; it should look simple, chic and nice. That’s why you should any hardware with finger pulls to make you easier when you want to open the panel, especially when you have small fingers or your little daughter want to learn cooking with you.

The next essential keys for contemporary design are stainless steel appliances. If you have appliances with other materials, you should replace them soon. Why stainless steel? Again, contemporary kitchen is simple and chic, and only stainless steel can bring the simplicity in the kitchen. There are many high quality and trusted brands which serve stainless steel tools such as Sub-Zero, Viking, Dacor, Miele and GE Monogram. To determine your choice, read on some articles about the positive and negative sides of each brands and choose one that suits your needs and tastes.

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Integrated appliances are things you must have in contemporary design.

By having integrated appliances, you will not find any more a kitchen that is crowded and makes you lazy to work in since they make you work fast in one space. One of the best integrated appliances is dishwasher drawers for small loads placed under-counter refrigerator. It is practical and very eye-catching.

Contemporary design for kitchen brings a big theme; the social kitchen. It means that you should prepare a large kitchen island and move away any tables in your kitchen. By having large island, you can do any activities in one big space; cooking, preparation for working, and also dining. You don’t need to put breakfast table, only put some contemporary chairs near the island and you can have your breakfast around it. The large island also enable your children do their homework while you prepare for their meal in a social and spacious manner.

Not only stainless steel appliances, you should have more stainless steel finishes for your countertops and back splashes. Besides they look chic and simple, they are easy to clean. Then why many people love using the finishes. However, you should carefully in using stainless steel finishes because they are easily scratch. You should maintain and cares as well as you use it every day.

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As informed before, contemporary design focuses on simplicity and integrity. Besides integrated appliances, you should also find integrated sink tops. As soon as stainless steel becomes a counter top popular choice, integrated sinks into the counter is the next popular option. It is more practical because you can do any work in the same area, do not need move right and left to do other works. After finishing your cooking, you can straight away wash your pans and dishes in the same area. There are many available options; you can choose your favorite number of bowls, depths, sizes, and built-in drain boards. You will have extremely wonderful time of cooking and dishwashing.

Horizontally oriented grain is something new in contemporary design. It introduces the open floor pan. The grain extends the space visually and integrates what was previously just a utilitarian space with its own personality into the same finish palette as the main living areas.

For completing your contemporary kitchen, you should remove your decorative pendant lighting. This lighting style makes your eyes stop and focus only in your working kitchen area. By removing this lighting style, you will open your eyes brightly and find what beautiful your kitchen is, and how your kitchen can be a multi-purpose room. Then, you will get cooking experience as nice as your dining experience.

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Those are ten essential keys that you should know if you want to create your existing kitchen into contemporary style. Perhaps you can extend your own idea, what you should remember that contemporary kitchen design focuses on simplicity, integrity and beauty.

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