The Best Way to Paint Old World Tuscan Kitchen

Jan 30th
Paint Old World Tuscan Kitchen Coffee Creek
Paint Old World Tuscan Kitchen Coffee Creek

Tuscany, with the influence of the Mediterranean and the Renaissance, vineyards, farms and rustic style, a rich source of inspiration for a warm, unpretentious home design and colorful. A kitchen in Tuscan colors can be the heart of a welcoming home. Paint color and texture is the key to achieve the Tuscan look in your kitchen, and you do not need expensive plaster technique to age your wall. Just choose a classic Tuscan feel, gather some sea sponge, and creates an old world charm with faux-finish paint; that’s the best way to paint and reach an old world Tuscan kitchen.

The Painting Steps of Old World Tuscan Kitchen

Old World Tuscan Kitchen and Dining

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First of all, you should prepare some tools and materials, such as: magazine illustrations, dust sheets, painter’s tape, patching compound, paintbrushes, paint rollers, primer, paint, sponges and you may also store crackle glaze (it’s optional).
After all the equipment you need ready, you can start your project by evaluating its kitchen equipment or other fixed elements of the room. Choose the right color according to the equipment and the elements of the kitchen you have. Terra cotta floor has a Tuscan feel, but you can cover vinyl floor mats fit in a hurry in an emergency. Balance the wall color with the color tool and finished furniture so there is no clash. Choose from classic Tuscan colors like warm gold, orange, terra cotta red and olive green slightly. Testing multiple tones bronze, copper and cocoa on the wall to see what color paint layers will work with available light. You can work together photos and other images from magazines Tuscan decor showing faux-finished walls to help with color choices.

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Old World Tuscan Kitchen Design

Lay down dust sheets and patch and prime the walls give an interesting effect gain your kitchen. Then, you need to mark the area to install new tile backsplashes or mural wallpaper. Paint the ceiling first, if the ceiling is scheduled for a new coat of paint. Tape the edge of the wall to the ceiling and each edge, as well as window and door frames.
The next step you can begin to paint your kitchen walls with a base color, with a brush to cut in along the edges and trim and a roller for the large expanse of wall. Skip the recorded area where you will apply the mural back splash tiles or later. Use basic colors like ivory to light a light-colored coat or deeper colors such as brown, corn or pumpkin for a more complete life. Let the base color dry.
Sponge the faux-finished color on the walls, use a sea sponge and press gently into the wall. Avoid overloading sponge or sponge so heavy that the walls become opaque. It is aimed to demonstrate coverage through the base color coat a sponge. For example, a sponge on the basis of corn with a deeper gold with some orange in it. Let this coat dry.

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Old World Tuscan Kitchen Idea

Apply another color as a third layer of color to contrast with the first two. Sponge third coat sparingly, partly cover some basic-color open areas and some areas of the sponge with the second layer. Stand back occasionally to make sure the wall is getting old plaster look. Several layers of paint to show through, and no one area should be primarily one color. You can always add more color, so use a light hand at this point and experiment until you get the look you want.
If you want to highlight shiny bronze or copper, you can sponge color, metal end parts and very random at some points in the paint. This step is optional, but can add depth and luster to the finish ages. Protect faux-finished walls with a coat of clear lacquer while the paint dried.
There is no paint stained wood trim with a solid color to contrast with or complement the color of the walls. For ages crackle, brush glaze on the wood trim in some places between the first and the last coat and apply the final coat like glaze gets tacky.

Old World Tuscan Kitchen
Old world Tuscan kitchen is wonderful kitchen style. It will make your kitchen look great if you do the painting well.

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