The Basic Elements of Shabby Chic Kitchen

Mar 9th
White Shabby Chic Kitchen
White Shabby Chic Kitchen

>Shabby chic kitchen has been popular choice kitchen style for many decades because the style is everlasting. It also can be put in any styles of house, but the perfect match for the style is the classic house. For your information, shabby chic accessories come from classic things, you can make them look new by repainting in soft whites or light pastels. However, if you only have new items of kitchen tools, you can also make them look aged by repainting and sanding them in white and pastels colors. Complete information you will get below.

Beautiful Vintage Shabby Chic Kitchen

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The Elements of Shabby Chic Kitchen

Modern Shabby Chic Kitchen

Cupboards and Cabinets – These are must have items in every kitchen. To differentiate these items with the same items in other kitchen style; choose white or weathered white cupboards and cabinets. White is the main color for shabby chic style. Furthermore, you also can put vintage cabinets; it is perfectly complete your kitchen. To get these items, you can find them in a shop which sells reclaimed household appliances. For final touch, you should give the cabinets a coat of matte, white paint. Of course, for variation colors, a coat of pastel blue or green is good for the cabinets. After put the coat, don’t forget the white color. After it dries, sand the edges so the pastels show through. You can use every style of cabinet and cupboard doors; wooden is essential part. Wooden cabinets will strengthen the shabby chic style because they look weathered and old. Make them look inviting and eye catching by combining light paint colors and of course, white.

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Decorating
Repurposed Hutches and Large Furniture – much modern kitchen furniture come in large pieces. Don’t worry, it is very possible to use the hutch or china cabinet for a reason; they are always sold in reasonable prices. But you should complete the requirements of shabby chic style; make them look aged. Repainting them in matte whites or layers of light pastels then sanding the items to give the outlook of wear is the easiest way to make the hutch or china cabinet look weathered and aged. A hutch or china cabinet is a good furniture that give you more additional space to show many shabby chic items.
Shabby Kitchen Style
Antiques: Decor and Functionality – Perfect match for shabby chic kitchen is, of course, antique kitchen tools and appliances, especially if the pieces are white or pastels. Do you have vintage mixing bowls, mixer, antique ovens with wonderful designs from 1930s or 1940s, glassware, ceramic storage vessels and other pieces form previous eras? They totally can strengthen your shabby chic style of your kitchen. If you don’t have them, you can try to get them in antique shops or ask your granny; perhaps she still keeps her classic kitchen tools.
Unique Shabby Chic Kitchen
Wood – Any wooden furniture and kitchen tools are very common for shabby chic style. You can choose tables with painted legs and a planked top; they will look same as a farm table. You should remember that the tables must look aged and worn, but they cannot so worn they would cause splinters. Planked wood flooring can be painted as well, matching one of the other light or pastel colors found in the kitchen. The walls also may be planked wood, or painted white or a light color. Butcher block countertops or tables also add to the vibe.

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White Shabby Chic Kitchen
The most important thing in shabby chic kitchen decoration is all the things must look so classical. Even when you have new items, it’s better to make them look aged. A kitchen can get shabby chic style if you do some makeovers of your cabinets by repainting and weathering them to make the cabinets look older. The other thing you should do is you also have to put large piece of furniture into your kitchen and don’t forget to use antique items as the decor. Wood also takes important part in kitchen with shabby chic style. A very old wooden table will complete the beauty of your kitchen and enhance the style that you choose. If you love vintage appliances, you must put them in your kitchen; they are totally perfect match for the style, choose appliances with pastel or white colors.

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