Terracotta Pots Tuscany Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Feb 19th
Unique Terracotta Pots for Tuscan Kitchen Decor
Unique Terracotta Pots for Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Tuscans value the natural beauty of their colorful region in Italy’s northwest hill country, with the wrought-iron metals, burnished copper and vibrant flowers. These motifs are easy to duplicate inside a kitchen with only a little Tuscan know-how. There are a variety of ways you can bring a touch of the Tuscan style into your kitchen no matter what your budget or decorating skills. No matter how detailed your decorating project is, remember to avoid making everything match. A Tuscan kitchen should look like it was pieced together over time. One of decorating ideas for Tuscan kitchen is by placing terracotta pots Tuscany kitchen decorating ideas. However, there are still many things you can do besides having terracotta pots inside your kitchen. Below you will find the answer.

A Classic Terracotta Pot

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Other Things beside Terracotta Pots Tuscany Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Wall Color – A foundation color links all the decorative elements in a kitchen. This color welcomes guests and friends into another world by creating the backdrop for the Tuscan kitchen. The colors of Tuscany are inspired by nature and provide a warm welcoming feel to its towns and villages. Favorite Tuscan color choices include warm earthy colors, such as shades of yellow, terracotta, pink and dark brown. When selecting choices for the kitchen, focus on light warm colors as a base and use darker colors such as a honey brown for accent.

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Nice Terracotta Pot for Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Typical Fabrics – Choose a fabric with a natural weave, such as burlap. Look for light neutral colors that range from whites to ecru or dark golden browns.

 Purple Butterflies and Paperwhite in Terracotta Pot for Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Accessories – Wall murals depicting the countryside are a common element in Tuscan kitchens, and while they may not be feasible for every kitchen, you can still come close to the feel of a mural. For example, use a tapestry depicting the Tuscan countryside. Hang it from a wrought-iron rod as the major focal point in the kitchen. Or use a designer floor mat in front of the stove or sink imprinted with an image of Tuscany. Many department stores and home improvement stores are selling these mats for a relatively low cost. Introduce décor that uses iron, copper, pewter and tin. These metals can be incorporated throughout the room with dishes, pots and canisters. An iron pot rack that holds copper bowls could be achieve both form and function. Don’t forget the biscotti jar. It isn’t necessary to buy an original hand-painted jar, but a lookalike can add color to the Tuscan kitchen.

 Terracotta Painted and Stenciled for Tuscany Kitchen Decor

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Furniture – Traditional Tuscan furniture, such as tables and chairs, are made from unpainted wood, and chairs generally have thatched seats. Today, many modern Tuscans paint their furniture with warm Tuscan colors.
Flowers – Flowers are a welcome addition to any room and look beautiful in a Tuscan-style vase. Favorite Tuscan flowers include geraniums, roses, oleander, bougainvillea and star jasmine.

 Unique Terracotta Pots for Tuscan Kitchen Decor

Terracotta pots Tuscany kitchen decorating ideas are only little part of Tuscan decor for your kitchen; there are still many basic decors that you can apply. What you need to remember when you decorate a Tuscan-style kitchen, you should build an opportunity to create a warm, welcoming kitchen where your family and friends will want to gather.  The term “Tuscan decorating” conjures up images of bright colors and rustic beauty – and it should. Tuscan homes take their inspiration from the countryside around them and make use of the natural materials that are easily available.

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