Swedish Kitchen Decor Bring an Unique Kitchen Design

Mar 2nd
Swedish Kitchen Design
Swedish Kitchen Design

Want to know how to bring Swedish kitchen decor in your home? Decorating with milkmaids is a fun and classic way to go.

Parts of Swedish Kitchen Decor

Colors – The obvious choice for colors when decorating with milkmaids is a simple blue and white. Most fabric choices, as well as other accessories, will be readily available in these colors. But if you do find an item in another scheme, all the rest can be tailored to fit within that hue. It may just take a little longer to shop for additional accessories to match it. Because this is meant to be a simple look, stick to only two colors: an accent and a base. No matter what accent color you choose, the best option for the base is still a fresh, crisp white.

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Small Swedish Kitchen Decoration

Flooring – Whether you choose tile or linoleum, it is best to keep your flooring simple. Do a solid white or a checkerboard pattern in white and your accent color. This will help tie in the accessories that you choose later on.
Counter Tops – Continue the same look from your floors up onto your counter tops. Once again, simplicity is the key. Where you can add some extra personality to is in your back-splash. Find a few fun accent tiles, maybe containing milk maid scenes, and place them randomly into your design.

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Swedish Kitchen with Open Shelves

Cabinets – Freshly painted white cabinets look the best with this style. Since the success, or lack thereof, of many styles depend upon the smallest details; take time picking out your hardware. You can go with a simple milk glass knob that blends in, blue glass pulls that add sparkle, or even custom knobs with milkmaids painted on them. It’s all depends on your personality. Search hardware stores, home improvement warehouses and even online in order to find your perfect match.
Appliances – Again, for uniformity, the best color for your appliances are a simple white. Even if they are older, and you can’t afford to replace them, a fresh coat of appliance spray paint can do wonders to cover up flaws.

Contemporary and Minimalist Swedish Kitchen

Accessories – The most fun step to decorating with milkmaids is to find some accessories that you love. You may have already found a cookie jar, canisters, or another item that made you choose this look in the first place. If so, buying the rest of your things is simply a matter of coordinating what you still need, with what you already have. Here a few tips whether you already have a collection or are starting from scratch.

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Small Appliances

Unless you find something really unique, the best option is to continue the trend and have all the smaller electrical items (such as your coffee pot and toaster) are a simple white also. There are also designer choices available in blue (or other accent color that you have chosen) if you want a more contemporary look. Just make sure your other accessories are more modern in nature as well. They will make it harder to find additional items to match though.

Glass Milk Bottles

These can be used as flower vases, dish brush holders, cooking utensil holders etc. The possibilities are endless. If you can find some with the caps, they can also be used to store oils or spices in a unique way.

Swedish Kitchen with Exposed Brick Walls

Old Milk Buckets

These can be used as a unique way to store wine or champagne bottles and you’ll never need to search for an ice bucket. They can also be hung off hooks to store keys, mail or other miscellaneous items. A great alternative to the traditional baskets and bins!
In addition to the obvious milk maid prints, how about hang a decorative map of Sweden over your table? Or finish off your room by stenciling some phrases around the room such as a simple “Valkommen” (Welcome) above the door.

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Swedish Kitchen Design

When looking into Swedish kitchen decor, no matter how you choose to complete your room, try to envision all the possibilities and focus on simplicity. Decorating with milkmaids can add a classically fun touch to your cooking experience.

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