Stylish Mini Kitchen: New Trend for Modern Era

Feb 20th
Mini Kitchen
Mini Kitchen

Today there are a lot of people live in a small apartment, especially those who live in some big city. They have limited space, so space-saving solutions are what they need. It is a reason why space-saving solutions are more and more popular, stylish mini kitchen is something new that always being developed to save the small space you have.
As we know, we need so many things in our kitchen such as an oven, a sink, a fridge, a dishwasher, a table and so on. Come from the idea to merge the elements of a classical kitchen with multifunction object that contains all necessary things mentioned above, the mini kitchen brings something a bit different from the classical kitchen. Below you can see some ideas of mini kitchen.

Mini Kitchen by Joongho Choi – This clever mini kitchen by Joongho Choi is an ideal space efficient mobile portable kitchen fit for your small apartment. It has been smartly designed to look like a simple box but when unfolded, it opens up to a dining table along with a removable tray and a rack providing enough space to accommodate your cutlery and containers. It is a perfect pick for any single dweller of mini or small apartments.

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Kitchen Drawer by Nojae Park – Innovation means making what is impossible to be possible and Nojae Park did the same when he designed the Kitchen Drawer. The Electrolux Kitchen Drawer has mainly four parts: for cooking there is an electric stove, steel warming plate for warming or preparing food, a mini fridge and also a dish drawer for the purpose of storage. It can also fit under your desk very easily so that you can have your food at your desk itself.

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Field Kitchen – This Field kitchen, designed by Kanz, is an outdoor kitchen unit containing a cooking stove, cookware, field pantry and also an ice box. To sum it up, it is a complete kitchen system. made from high quality aluminum. It weighs light and at the same time has great durability. The aluminum top can be opened and folded back according to the requirement and it also acts as a windshield and the drawers enable the storage of light weight cookware items.

Kitchen in a Box – Do you ever wish you could pack your whole kitchen in a box to create a little more space in your apartment? Not to worry, because now you can have this Kitchen-in-a-box which will surely help you to save some space in your house? Designed by Piero Esposito for the company Targa Italia, this compact kitchen can be folded back to a neat box after you finish cooking. It features stainless steel equipment and provides ample space for storage and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Mini Kitchen – It is modern kitchen that created for those who live in small house or apartment with limited spaces. This kitchen was introduced by the Italian design team of Adriano Conti, Corrado Galzio and Alex Innamorati for the final exam of Product Design class at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. The Mini kitchen brings something a bit different from the classical kitchen. The kitchen has two cooking systems that really different with the traditional ones. It features a cooking counter, an oven, a washer, a dishwasher, a fridge and a pantry as well. The kitchen is very economical in terms of saving energy and time. It also provides cleaning system that uses compressed air for cleaning, steam to degrease and UV rays for sterilizing.

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What we need in modern era with space that is more limited is stylish mini kitchen because it is small on size but it has big function. It is really dream for every people who live in small and limited space.

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