Small Kitchen Ideas for Apartment

Mar 27th
Small Kitchen for Tiny Apartment Design Ideajpg
Small Kitchen for Tiny Apartment Design Ideajpg

Typically, small kitchen ideas for apartment lack the tenant’s personality and decorative style. You can incorporate your own personal touch in your apartment kitchen without having to remodel the entire room. Incorporating small changes can create a dramatic effect for an apartment kitchen.

Checklists of Small Kitchen Ideas for Apartment

Kitchen Ideas for Small Apartment

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Color – Paint your apartment kitchen. Ask the property owner for permission before painting the walls. Once you receive permission, choose a color to brighten up your kitchen. Smaller kitchens appear larger with a lighter-hued paint–for example, pale yellow walls and bright yellow cupboard doors.
Wall Decals – One rental-friendly way to decorate your apartment kitchen is with wall decals. Keep in mind that there could be a bit of disturbance to paint, but not substantial. If so, it will just require a tiny bit of paint. Adding wall decals is a great way to personalize your space and make it your own. A multitude of different decals exist from which to choose. Consider adding pictures of animals such as owls or even cute phrases or sayings.

Small Apartment Kitchen Design Ideas

Table – Place a small table and chairs in the corner of your apartment kitchen. If you do not have a small kitchen table set, buy an inexpensive one. A card table, decorated with a tablecloth, and chairs would work as well. Don’t clutter a small kitchen apartment with large furniture.
Storage – Create storage in your kitchen apartment. Typically, apartment kitchens lack enough storage for tenants. Buy a decorative shower curtain rod and hang a bed sheet to hide items stored behind it. Choose a sheet to match your décor or an accent color for your kitchen. This creates a decorative and fast way to create a hidden storage area in your kitchen.

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Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Pegboard – Dedicate an area in your kitchen for a pegboard, hooks and pegboard baskets. Pegboards seldom come in a color to match your kitchen’s décor. Buy spray paint for the pegboard and paint it in an accent color. Let the pegboard dry completely. Hang the pegboard in a specific area in your kitchen–for example, next to the refrigerator. Arrange your cookbooks and kitchen towels in the pegboard baskets. Hang your cooking utensils on the pegboard with the pegboard hooks.
Shelving – Hang extra shelving in your kitchen is the important small kitchen ideas for apartment. You can paint the shelving to match the kitchen’s decor. Shop your local thrift stores, department stores or garage sales for inexpensive shelving. Arrange your spices on one shelf and glassware on another.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Lighting – Replace the lighting in your kitchen. Buy lighting to meet your personal needs and preferences. Perhaps, you want your kitchen to have a chandelier or an updated light fixture. If you can’t replace the light fixture yourself, hire a professional.
Nature – Bring the outside into your kitchen by adding plants. They are soothing and freshen the air. Add potted plants on the windowsill, in brightly colored pots. Place a flowerpot on the counter as well. As apartments often have counters that haven’t been replaced in a while or may have worn areas, place the plants in areas to cover those spots.

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Small Kitchen Apartment Design Ideas

Hardware – One quick and easy way to transform the look of your kitchen is to replace the hardware. Get a new set of knobs for your drawers. Also, replace the cabinet pulls. Keep them all the same or in similar patterns and tones. Once you replace them, make sure to keep the old ones in case you need to put them back when you move. Also, you may need to get permission from your landlord before making this change.
Curtains – If you are lucky enough to have windows in your apartment kitchen, dress them up with curtains. Use bright and sunny colors for the curtains, such as yellow or orange. Another idea is to add curtains in a white and red gingham pattern. If you don’t want to add full curtains, just add window valances.

Small Kitchen for Tiny Apartment Design Idea

Small kitchen ideas for apartment present a few challenges. As it’s a rental and you do not own the kitchen, you may not want to or be able to make substantial changes such as painting, re-tiling or wallpapering. In addition, apartment kitchens tend to be drab, basic and small. Dealing with size constraints can be a challenge. As the color scheme usually leaves much to be desired, you will likely want to add color to your apartment kitchen.

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