Selecting the Best Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

Feb 7th
Wooden Kitchen Design with Purple Wall
Wooden Kitchen Design with Purple Wall

Wall painting is the most inexpensive way to make over a room includes your kitchen, and though it can be difficult choosing a color, it is important to choose based on your own likes and dislikes rather than what is popular. Most home improvement stores offer sample paint cans for a few dollars, which can be a worthwhile investment. Before committing to a color, try it out first and make sure you’ve selected the right shade; you can always go back and paint over it. Below are some ideas for modern kitchen wall colors.

The List of Modern Kitchen Wall Colors

Intense colors are the first choice for completing your modern kitchen design. Ultimately there is nothing as important when designing a kitchen space as incorporating your own tastes in to the design since you have to live in the space. One trend is to use intense shades of your favorite colors. For a kitchen most colors are already used in moderation, since most owners won’t paint their cabinets to match their kitchen. Using intense colors of wall paint allows your kitchen features, architecture, and furniture to stand out against a bright background.

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Through the best color choice you can decide whether you want to create masculine or feminine space for your kitchen. Earth tones can serve to bring in rich color palates that are both vibrant and warm. While feminine design often incorporates calming pastels and serene cool shade color palates, masculine design often chooses strong and bold shades like navy blue, crimson reds, and tans. Feminine colors often help to sooth a space but part of what makes feminine design soft and inviting is in the textures and architecture as well. For masculine design, incorporate earthier tones in to your color wheel, rather than just natural hues, to help bring warmth to the space. This also helps draw color from any natural woods like cabinets, tables, or chairs. Masculine colors may be a little overbearing or even unsightly without lighter tones to complement them, so choose wisely and for the appropriate space. Bold colors in a small space can feel confining if they aren’t offset by art and furniture.

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Black and white wall paint is the most interesting among the other modern kitchen wall colors. This is a simple way to showcase the features of your kitchen. Black and white shows contrast, and allows you play off the natural architecture of the space. Black and white allows you to enhance the three dimensionality of a space, as it draws the eye in to the contrast in shades. This is a great way to simplify a space while at the same time playing with a theme. Black and white also makes a space appear cleaner provided you don’t add too much clutter to the space. Using too much black can make a space feel smaller, so it should be used sparingly for smaller kitchens. Both black and white make excellent cabinet colors, especially in the modern sense when you use design features like frosted glass or open shelf design.

Modern kitchen wall colors reveal the modernization and freedom. It means that you are free to choose what colors you want to paint in your kitchen wall if the colors make you feel comfort to stay and have some activities in the kitchen.

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