Selecting the Best Gray and White Paint Kitchen

Feb 25th
Super White By Benjamin Moore In Kitchen
Super White By Benjamin Moore In Kitchen

Gray and white kitchen is going to be more famous than before because it looks great, sleek and nice. However, some people get confused to choose which one the best gray and white paint kitchen to use is. Below we present a guideline to you some version of the best gray and white paint that you can apply to your kitchen so that you can get the nicest kitchen painting.

Gray and White Paint Kitchen: Selecting the White Paint

  • Creamy white. A kitchen can be a very relaxing space to have nice cooking mood. For best results, use a few different tons of white and layer them in the space. Creamy white walls will prevent your space from looking too stark. You can pick Dover White 6385 by Sherwin-Williams for the best result.
  • Cool white. Cool white walls perfectly create a serene, homogenous space that has very little contrast and/or distraction. Cool, pure whites work well in contemporary spaces because they provide a feeling of newness. Paint pick to use is Extra White 7006 by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Soft white. Pairing white with black or grey creates a very elegant, Art Deco feel. Even with so much contrast, this look is still a blank canvas for adding any other color. To lessen the drama, choose a slightly-softer white. For getting the nicest result you can pick Pure White 7005 by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Snow white. A very classic way to treat wainscoting is to paint it with a glossy, snow white paint color. This look also works great in a more contemporary space. Super White by Benjamin Moore can show you how the color works well.
  • Antique white. For a more traditional space, antique whites work best because they provide a lived-in feel to a room. Paint pick for you to choose is Antique White 6119 by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Ivory white. Many people like the look of white cabinetry in the kitchen, but they don’t want the space to appear too cold. In this case, look for a white that has a slight ivory undertone. You can also add warmth to your kitchen with wood flooring, and by using clear halogen lighting. Atrium White by Benjamin Moore is the nicest option.
  • Gray white. A crisp, grayish-white wall color will always make a sophisticated, museum-like backdrop for artwork and vivid accent hues. Try to use Dune White 968 by Benjamin Moore and see how you can get amazed of what you get.
  • Warm white. The use of whites with khaki undertones, along with natural materials creates an organic feel in the room. These types of colors are very warm and welcoming. Natural Choice 7011 by Sherwin-Williams is the greatest option for you to choose.
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Gray and White Paint Kitchen: Selecting the Gray Paint

  • Silver gray. Lighter gray paint colors actually look silver, and they will appear luminous in a well-lit space. When paired with white, these silvery grays create a dazzling space that is also serene. There’s nothing gloomy about that. The best paint pick is Zircon 7667 by Sherwin-Williams.
  • Medium gray. You can create a cheery space by using a soft mid-tone gray with vivid yellow and white accents. North Star 6246 by Sherwin-Williams will show you how this can work best.
  • Greige. A very warm gray can be a terrific choice for a kitchen. These warmer shades of gray are called greige because they are a cross between gray and beige. This color is welcoming, cozy and far from being drab. Use Mega Greige 7031 by Sherwin-Williams for the best result.
  • Nature’s Gray. Gray in the kitchen is becoming very popular these days. Because kitchens are such a huge gathering place, use a gray that is warm and inviting. If greige looks too taupe to you, turn to nature for inspiration. Many birds and other animals, rocks and pebbles are perfect shades of warm gray. Gray Horse 2140-50 by Benjamin Moore can give you the real gray to your kitchen.
  • Pewter. Like other neutrals, gray gives you limitless possibilities as far as introducing other hues. However, don’t forget to include different textures and patterns, as well. This will keep the more saturated grays from appearing too drab. A pewter (gray with a bit of bronze) wall color will be nice tempered by a host of fun colors and playful patterns. Stone Harbor 2111-50 by Benjamin Moore is the nicest option for you.
  • Blue gray. Grays with blue undertones are very cool and almost have a steel-like appearance to them. Bluish grays are a wonderful way to ‘cool off’ a south-facing room where the sun is constant throughout the day. Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60 by Benjamin Moore will answer all your confusedness.
  • Purple gray. The dark gray is a great color for a more casual kitchen space. This shade of deep gray is less formal than one that leans more towards blue or black. Exclusive Plum 6263 Sherwin-Williams is the best paint to try.
  • Charcoal gray. Deep charcoal grays are more subdued. Also called smoky gray, this color is very calming which makes it a great choice for a kitchen. The deepest grays exude a feeling of elegance, and they create a striking contrast when paired with white or vivid colors. Bright yellows are also commonly used with charcoal gray, but try experimenting with other unexpected hues such as lime green, cranberry red or burnt orange. Gilbraltar 6257 by Sherwin-Williams will show you how the color works nicely in your room.
  • Slate gray. Yes, you can use gray with tan, beige and other organic hues. It doesn’t always feel right to put these neutrals together but it can work well if you incorporate different finishes. Use Steely Gray 7664 by Sherwin-Williams for the wonderful kitchen look.
  • Subtle gray. A subtle gray tint is a nice alternative to white. Gray tints will provide a feeling of openness to small or windowless rooms. Cascade White 2127-70 by Benjamin Moore is very great option.
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By choosing the best gray and white paint kitchen you can get the nicest gray and white kitchen that can update the whole look of your home.

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