Reach Happiness and Success by Attaching a Feng Shui Wallpaper

May 12th
Feng Shui Wallpaper
Feng Shui Wallpaper

With more interior decorators concerned with Feng Shui, the Chinese concept of harnessing qi, or positive energy, in order to create balance, water walls and other modern feng shui wallpaper styles featuring water are becoming increasingly popular.
Water walls, murals that feature flowing water, can provide both a visual and auditory presence to a room. Even without the use of flowing water, aquatic elements in general tend to lend themselves to a calming presence.
Feng Shui can be implemented in the workplace as well as at home. Gina O’Neill, a cosmetics consultant and owner of Gina’s Interior Designs for Comfortable Living, invited a Feng Shui expert to her home office to help her harmonize and circulate the qi throughout her living and working environment. O’Neill said that since the consultant’s visit, she feels that the Feng Shui has made her home “more relaxing, balanced and calming.”
A mural like Bungalows over Water by Beverly Factor can add a distinctive and calming presence to any room. Water murals are perfect for either home office wall decor or office wall decor and a little water feature can help get the qi flowing.

Gallery of Feng Shui Wallpaper

Picture Two: Dragon is the most powerful symbol of feng shui that can bring happiness and success in all spheres of your life.
Picture Three: The panda is a symbol of peace, happiness and personal growth in China In Feng Shui, Pandas encourage a kind of Darling- Happiness chi. There is an ancient Chinese saying, ‘Blow the Panda a kiss every day and you will have a day of happiness and Good Luck!’ Panda – symbol of Man.
Picture Four: Ship is a symbol of success that can multiply your inflow of cash and wealth luck by letting a “wealth ship” sail into your premise and business.
Picture Five: Yin Yang fish – one red and one black. Fish creating a yin yang monad create harmony of man and woman. According to the Feng Shui principles they can be used as a mean to attract the money.
Picture Six: Feng Shui money trees are used to attract abundance and wealth.The shape of these plant’s leafs represent the five main elements of feng shui wood, water, earth, fire and metal, and this is what makes the feng shui money tree so symbolic. Background is a quantity of gold bullions.
Picture Seven: Chinese Feng Shui coins, excellent for attracting wealth, prosperity and good fortune. Attract money with the help of this wallpaper. The background contains chinese hieroglyphs of wealth.
Picture Eight: Tiger is the symbol of strength, protection and personal growth . The tiger is a representation of the feminine and thus relates to the Yin. It is linked to the West and the season of Fall. The symbolic color associated with the Tiger is white.
Put the feng shui wallpaper in a wood green color frame and hang on the east wall.  The most powerful symbol of feng shui wallpapers can bring happiness and success in all spheres of your life. This enhancer is suitable for people with positive east sector according to their individual feng shui map. This position of the wallpaper will bring them and their family incredible flow of happiness, money and success in all spheres.

10 Picture Gallery: Reach Happiness and Success by Attaching a Feng Shui Wallpaper

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