Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tuscan Look

Feb 27th
Tuscany Painted Grapes Kitchen Cabinet
Tuscany Painted Grapes Kitchen Cabinet

A little paint and the right technique is all that is needed to give modern cabinets an old world Tuscan appearance. Tuscan decorating revolves around earthy tones. The textures are rough. If you want to redo cabinets, these two elements play the biggest role in transforming and painting kitchen cabinets Tuscan look. If working with laminate or any other non-wood material, consult with a professional before refinishing. Special primers are available for these products to assist in adhering paint to the surfaces.

Techniques of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tuscan Look

Faux Stucco Finish – Stucco, a finish typically made from mud, is a common wall covering for both interior and exterior walls in a Tuscan home. Using paint and silica, this look may be transferred onto modern cabinets. Special silica, or sand, is available at paint supply and home improvement stores for mixing with latex paint. Use a beige, light brown or stone color and mix the silica in with a stir stick. The more silica added to the paint, the more texture the cabinet will have. For a stucco look, mix the sand until it begins to clump in the paint. Apply the paint with a roller and let dry. Add two to three coats to create a layered, thick appearance. Be aware of the areas around the hinges of the cabinet doors. Paint these areas with the base color before adding the sand, or only add one layer. The thickness and texture could affect the opening and closing action of the doors.

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Smooth Fresco – Add a Fresco, or smooth stone, appearance to cabinets with paint and a special buffing cloth. Select a light brown or light reddish brown paint for the project to imitate the natural colors in the Tuscan region. Use latex matte finish paint and a roller to apply smoothly. Wait for the paint to dry to a tacky level. Mix the selected paint with a latex glaze in a 50/50 mix and stir well. Use a natural sponge glazing mitt or cloth in a circular motion to apply the glaze mixture. Begin at the top of the wall and work left to right, back and forth until the entire cabinet area is covered.

Parchment Finishes – For an old world look on cabinets, consider a parchment faux finish. Parchment gives the feeling of old documents. On cabinets, it gives the look of aged paper. A base coat of beige, sand or stone-colored latex paint is the first step. Use a roller for application to ensure a smooth area. With a narrow paint brush, add narrow spiral swirls onto the main cabinet areas, such as the sides or the doors. Let the swirls dry for several hours. Apply a latex glaze with a clean cloth in a downward motion. The glaze will fade and fuzz the narrow swirls, leaving marks that resemble the watermarks on old parchment paper.

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Color Washing – A faux color-washed finish will give cabinets the look of weather worn Tuscan walls. Rust from the rain and faded spots from the sun occur over time to stone and stucco walls. Recreate this look with multiple colors of diluted paint. Select a stone or beige latex paint to cover the entire cabinet area and allow drying. Thin at least two colors of latex paint to a water consistency. Add the paint with a clean rag to selected areas. Allow the paint to slightly pool in lines where the selected area stops. This will give a natural rain damage appearance. Add only a small amount of color wash for a slightly old or damaged look. Add multiple spots for an older appearance.

Painting kitchen cabinets Tuscan look is not something difficult if you know the techniques. You can paint your old cabinets into Tuscan look by applying those techniques.

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