Painting Kitchen and Living Room

May 20th
kitchen and living room
kitchen and living room

Painting kitchen and living room – A home with a sitting room attached to the kitchen is a common home design. Though this construction makes for easy access between rooms, it also makes the two rooms we lose some of their individuality. Their paint choice of these two rooms will help to establish the identity of each room. Yet despite choosing different colors, create a visual link between the two rooms to avoid an unpleasant visual effect.
Choose a color scheme for the two rooms. Select colors that complement each other visually somehow. A selection of red and yellow create a bold atmosphere, while blues and greens provide a more open environment, a quiet. You will use the same colors in both rooms, but in different ways. Moreover, choose a neutral color for the use of the two rooms.
Select a type of paint when you want to painting kitchen and living room. If you liked to hide some of the flaws in the walls, choose a flat paint. On the other hand, paints bright or semi -bright-are easier to clean.
Decide what color is the main color of each room. For example, if you have chosen a combination of blue and gold colors, select blue as the main color of the living room and kitchen gold. Spare color becomes accent color. In this case, you will accentuate the living room with gold and kitchen with blue.Any ideas to painting kitchen and living room? let us know your answer in the comment box bellow

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