Painting Cabinets Tips

Feb 22nd
Well Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Well Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painting cabinets is effort to make the cabinets well decorated with colors which will significantly enhance its beauty and value as kitchen furniture. It is recommended to take a good look at the cabinetry before you start to paint it since you have to make sure that it has solid shape. You also have to make sure that the doors and boxes are not falling apart in order to make it easier in painting process. It is going to be wise if you choose the cabinets material which does not have any contamination for the sake of health and convenient in your kitchen space. Once you already know that the cabinets are worth to be painted, then you should consider about the prep, paint color and primer paint that you desire.

Tips in Kitchen Cabinets Painting Project

In order to get the fine result in painting your kitchen cabinets, you need to spend extra time to prepare the surface correctly just like what professional painters usually do. It is also recommended to go to paint store since you will get many benefits since you will find many paint choices and you will also get valuable advices and ideas from paint store staffs in how to get the fine result in your cabinets painting project. The painting project is meant to give rich colors and smooth finish in high quality to the cabinets surface which will make it as beautiful furniture in your kitchen. The primer paint is meant to seal and adhere most substrates to make the surface become perfect to be painted with less paint needed and it suits to apply to porous wood surface to prevent uneven color staining and sheen. It is not recommended to paint over a smooth, glossy or hard surface like melamine since it will give bad result of painting such as adhesion loose and surface peeling. If you choose an adhesion promoting primer, you will not need to do much sanding and it means that the paint will stick much longer. It is not recommended to directly paint over a stain since it will make the stain bleeding back through the fresh paint. The primer paint is determined by what stain that you use whether it is oily stain or water soluble, but you will make a good choice if you choose to use oily based primer since you will only need to do just one coating.

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In any painting cabinets, there are appropriate primer which will be a great help to make it as a good quality professional work. If you are a rookie in this painting your kitchen cabinets, then you should take your time in doing the project since it will be such a waste of money and time if you are in hurry to get the project done with bad result.

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