Orange Kitchen Walls: Bright Your Kitchen Look

Mar 6th
Unique Kitchen with Orange Color
Unique Kitchen with Orange Color

Orange paint is known as a warm-toned paint that has many psychological benefits and positive characteristics. Painting walls in a room orange, or even just one accent wall, can bring about feelings of happiness, enhance social interaction and more. The decorating benefits to orange are endless, as well. Incorporating natural wood floors and furniture, along with most shades of browns and reds, is easy with orange painted walls. Rustic or Mediterranean-themed kitchens can be enhanced with the right shade of orange kitchen walls.

Combining Orange Kitchen Walls

You might think that orange was a poor choice for a kitchen as it has so much warmth about it but it can also be a brilliant and unusual choice giving your home an exclusive and unique look in a sea of bland colored kitchens. Orange, as you are no doubt aware, is an intense color, and it is impossible to ignore it but it is also both stimulating and welcoming, two qualities which are valuable in a kitchen.

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Orange Kitchen Walls

In a Pure White Kitchen – If your kitchen units are shiny white, your work tops dark and your flooring neutral (for example wood effect laminate or granite tiles) then you need to inject some color on your walls otherwise your kitchen will be pretty cold and bland. Orange kitchen walls are ideal to fill in the gaps and add interest.

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Orange Wall Accent for Kitchen

In a Country Kitchen – Burnt orange gives a wonderful rustic touch to a country kitchen filled with solid wooden units. It works well if you have hardwood or terracotta flooring whether that is terracotta tiles or terracotta colored vinyl or laminate. It also lends itself well to a Mediterranean style and adding blue accessories and putting Mediterranean hand painted pottery on display will accentuate that look.

Orange Wall Color Ideas for Kitchen

On One Wall – If you think all-over orange will be overpowering, you can add a contrast wall in a larger kitchen where other surfaces are a plain color such as white or cream. This works well to mark a separate dining area in your kitchen and make that more inviting than the cooler tones of the kitchen area. Be sure to tie the two areas together by taking some orange over into the kitchen area in the form of accessories or even in a pattern in the kitchen curtains.
Unique Kitchen with Orange Color
Orange kitchen walls are said to actually stimulate the appetite and promote feelings of excitement; what a way to dine. If you are thinking about orange for the kitchen walls, then you will probably end up with a fresh and crisp-themed kitchen. As with any paint color, there are many different shades of orange paint. Peachy oranges are often used in bathrooms, as they are more delicate. Brownish oranges are common for dens and kitchens, as they incorporate feelings of warmth and coziness. Too much of any shade of bright orange can lead to overstimulation and can result in the opposite of the desired relaxation and comfort.

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