Old World Kitchen Designs

Jan 28th
Old World Kitchen Designs Style
Old World Kitchen Designs Style

European Old World Kitchen
In some cases, the themes and designs of Old World kitchens lend themselves seamlessly to kitchens nowadays. We can borrow concepts and ideas from the past, and update and apply them to suit the modern way of life. “Everything old is new again” could certainly apply to Old World kitchen designs today and our evolution from yesteryear.

Inspirations for Old World Kitchen Designs  

Mediavel Castle Old World Kitchen

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Medieval Kitchen – It is interesting to note that apart from the roaring fire in a fireplace or stove, the medieval kitchen included a special area to store wine and ale. Nowadays, we have wine cellars and refrigerated wine cabinets to do the same job. Stained glass, a worthy decorating material from medieval times makes a classic addition to the modern kitchen. Stained glass windows, pantry doors, interior transoms and kitchen cabinets are available in a wide array of styles, from old world to ultramodern.

Old World Design for Kitchen

Tudor Kitchen – The Tudor royal kitchens catered for the king and his entire court, serving as many as 800 people at one sitting. Over 200 servants worked in the kitchens, which comprised a honeycomb of small rooms and work areas designed for maximum efficiency. For a start, there were six separate cooking fireplaces for roasting meats and making sauces; high ceilings to cope with the intense heat; and sloped flagstone floors for drainage. Nowadays, the average kitchen is generally a single, open plan room where all the food preparation and cooking take place. At most, there may be an attached pantry. There is something to be said for adding a Tudor spicery to store herbs and spices, even if on a modest scale. The Tudors also had a silver room where they stored the glittering, jewel-encrusted crockery and other tableware, on tables. A modified version of the silver room is something builders could consider. Dishes would be much easier to access and put away if they were conveniently placed on tables in a small room as opposed to up on kitchen shelves.

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Old World Kitchen Design

Victorian Kitchen – In the Victorian kitchen, the cast-iron oven was king, producing the rich baked puddings and sweet treats that families enjoyed. For the cook and the maids though, the oven was a chore. All day long, the maids removed ashes, added coal and stoked the fires. McHenry Mansion in Modesto, California, is a restored Victorian mansion where a prominent local family once lived. Knowledgeable docents conduct free tours of the three-story mansion, including the kitchen with its appliances and utensils that replicate the 19th century McHenry family lifestyle. The average, well-stocked Victorian kitchen had a wide range of mass-produced gadgets, some of which originated in Victorian times. They included pastry cutters, jelly and pie molds, biscuit tins, can openers, cheese graters and potato peelers. Most kitchens nowadays have these items. For a simple touch of Victoriana, consider an appliance such as a wall-mounted kitchen faucet with a solid brass valve body and classic, 6-prong handles, complete with soap dish. If you want to go a step further, the Victorians favored slate or soapstone kitchen sinks.

Old World Kitchen with Dark Cabinetry and Lighten Ceiling

Borrow from the vast array of styles from European history prior to the 1600s. With natural materials and earthy colors foremost in the design palette, an Old World style kitchen combines heavy proportions with luxurious attributes.

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Old World Style Kitchen

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