Old World Decor and Furniture

May 30th
Old World Decor And Furniture For Christmas
Old World Decor And Furniture For Christmas

Old world decorating is often referred to as Tuscany decorating because it reflects the colors and feelings of Tuscany, Italy. Old world decor is characterized with larger pieces of furniture, wrought iron accents and warm colors. While linens are usually complicated, the furniture is sometimes simple and rustic looking. There are several techniques to achieving this décor and it can be done in every room of the house.

Keys to Old World Decor and Furniture

Large Furniture – Furniture should be the center of focus in a room when you’re decorating in old world decor. A large four-poster bed should be the center of the bedroom. A large chair or armoire can also make your home turn into one from the old world. A large sofa should sit in your living room with a rustic coffee table or ottoman. Dark woods, dark upholsteries and pieces with wrought iron can be a main focus in an old world room.
Old world style furniture has a masculine appeal to it due to its size and deep colors. The furniture tends to be large and typically features worn woods, irons and patterns. The patterns can range from geometric designs to floral patterns and stripes to complex tapestries. Utilizing the textures and colors of the fabrics in the chairs and sofas is important.
Accent tables should look aged and utilize rich woods and irons to compliment the rustic furniture. Layering patterns and textures is useful in creating an old world style. Fringe and tassels are common to furnishings and tapestries and pillows and throws add a layered effect to the furniture.
Paint Colors – Walls should be painted in darker colors like reds and browns, accented with golds. The colors are reflected of the terra cotta found in Tuscany as well as the old rustic stucco buildings. Rather than put up wallpaper, texture the walls with sponging or another technique in these colors to reflect the outside of older buildings. Or place a strip of border wallpaper with an ornate old world design where the ceiling and walls meet to draw the eye upward.
Wrought Iron – Wrought iron is a classic old world decorating idea. This can be in the form of details on a large armoire or in a decorative piece that hangs on the wall. A large mirror that’s outlined in ornate wrought iron can be hung in a room to open it up. Wrought iron lamps are also a great way to bring in a small amount of the wrought iron without overdoing it.
Linens – Linens for old world decorating should be in darker colors with brighter threads in golds and oranges. Braided gold ties always reflect old world decorating and are perfect for heavy draperies. The colors of the linens should reflect the colors of the walls and should consist of heavier fabrics. Purchase fabrics that are elaborate with different patterns.
Old world design style encompasses the quaint tradition of the eastern hemisphere. Elegant appeal is emitted from Old world design styles and can be a tribute to one or more geographical locations and cultural expressions. Old world design can draw inspiration from many cultures. African, European and Asian designs are common sources of old world representation. Similarly, Japan, Madagascar and Mediterranean styles are familiar motifs in old world design. Whether you are inspired by European or Far East styles, the underlying goal of designing an old world decor style is to create a feeling of comfort, romance and nostalgia.

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