Multi Functional Concrete Countertops

Mar 17th
Concrete Countertops Pictures
Concrete Countertops Pictures

Concrete countertops complements any kitchen design whether it is traditional, modern, earthy, industrial or contemporary which will be significant in adding beauty and value to a kitchen. There are many options of kitchen countertops which you can choose according to your sense of style, kitchen theme and budget but concrete is considered as a wonderful choice of kitchen countertops since it can significantly complement all kitchens no matter what the design.

The first debut of this concrete as kitchen countertops was in restaurants and retail establishments about a decade ago and well accepted until now. Each of countertops material that available has its own specifications in creating kitchen theme but concrete does great as multi functional material to complement any kitchen theme which is going to be very fascinating to have it as your kitchen countertops.

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Components which Effect Concrete Countertops Appearance

There are some components which give effect to the concrete kitchen countertops appearance such as aggregates which determine its strength and consistency. As the main composition of concrete, aggregates are very important to make sure that the set up of concrete is proper as it should while also play significant role in determining the concrete aesthetic. Portland cement is required to keep the concrete properly held together. You can use the traditional Portland cement if you want to have the natural grey color concrete or white Portland cement if you want to have a truly white colored concrete countertop for your kitchen. In matter of concrete coloring, you can use integral colors if you want to make the countertop center has the same color with the surface. Well, there are some concrete coloring techniques which you can apply such as tinted concrete countertop, stained concrete countertop and dyed concrete countertop which each of them has its own unique different result. Since concrete is naturally porous, then it means that you have apply sealer to keep the pores from sucking stains, bacteria or liquids. In matter of surface finishes, you can choose to have flat, stamped, polished, troweled or textured surface to create enormous final appearance. The edge shape of the concrete countertop can be determined as you desire such as square, router, rounded corners and others. By adding kitchen into your concrete countertop will be significant in giving streamline appearance.

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Concrete countertops are going to be advantageous to have as your kitchen countertops since it will significantly complement any kitchen no matter what your kitchen theme.

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