More Functional Kitchen Galley Kitchen with Island

Mar 28th
Rectangular Kitchen Island in Galley Kitchen
Rectangular Kitchen Island in Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchen with island is a type of functional kitchen design which creates spacious workspace with kitchen island as multi functional kitchen furniture for more comfortable kitchen space. Galley shaped kitchen is a typical kitchen design which uses two sides of kitchen wall. So this galley design of kitchen is also called as double wall kitchen design. In the galley shaped kitchen design, there are two rows of kitchen workspaces on both side of kitchen area and the third one on the other, so it creates triangle workspace which connects the two sides of kitchen wall.

This typical kitchen design provides the space use efficiency which makes it perfect for professional chefs as kitchen design workspace. The two rows of kitchen wall will allow you to have spacious kitchen workspace and it is a perfect choice if you want to remodel your kitchen to become a very functional kitchen. It is recommended to provide 120cm of space between the cabinets rows for two people in order to create comfortable workspace although the more is going to be better. You will also need to provide approximately 50cm space for oven door to open and approximately 60cm for a unit door to open. It is also recommended to have open shelving kitchen cabinets since wall cabinets in this kitchen design will make the kitchen room become cramped. As a significant additional feature to the galley shaped kitchen, kitchen island will be a very good kitchen furniture to have in order to create more functional kitchen.

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Galley Kitchen with Island Reviews

Your galley shaped kitchen can be created into a more functional kitchen with kitchen islands as the furniture. The kitchen islands are great to have as furniture in any type of kitchen designs since they create spacious kitchen for easy movement and workspace. If the kitchen island is also used for cooking, it is recommended to have a ventilation hood overhead so that it will eliminate steam, smoke and cooking odors in your kitchen. The kitchen island can also be used as the second sink to wash kitchen utensils but it is recommended to equip it with a garbage disposal, trash compactor, dishwasher and recycle bin. By closing the kitchen island into kitchen countertop, you can have more space of countertop in your kitchen although both of the materials of kitchen island and countertop are not the same, as long as it creates harmonious theme with overall kitchen design. It is recommended to provide good quality of kitchen lighting fixtures such as pendant light or recessed light since both of lighting fixtures do great as direct lighting on kitchen islands. Well, usually the kitchen island shape in this galley kitchen is rectangular in order to be following the kitchen design.

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Galley kitchen with island is definitely going to create more functional kitchen while also more enhanced in beauty and value. Kitchen islands are a must have furniture in the kitchen since there are many advantages that you get for more functional kitchen.

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