Modern Kitchen Tiles Design Ideas

Apr 3rd
Kitchen Wall Tiles Design
Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

Tile has been around for many years and have been trusted for use in different areas of the kitchen, be used for flooring, countertop, or as a decoration on the wall. During these years, tiles only give the impression of simple and emerged as the only choice for a traditional kitchen. But with the development of existing technology, tile has appeared with a wide range of new materials, so you can create a modern design easily. With modern kitchen tiles design ideas that we present here, you can combine with your imagination to develop the perfect tile designs to suit your style in your kitchen.

The Ideas of Modern Kitchen Tiles Design

The first idea is tiles for kitchen’s floor. The floor is the most important part for every room, including the kitchen. There are several options tiles for your modern kitchen floor. The first best option is faux wood porcelain tile. This is because these tiles offer a large selection of flooring that looks like real wood, but they are more durable and less fussy than wood flooring. In addition to their advantages, faux wood tiles also come in 2 -, 3 – and 4-inch boards; this makes them the perfect solution for the kitchen floor with a lot of traffic. Other option for kitchen floors with modern style is traditional ceramic tiles with large squares. The advantage of these tiles is they look very pretty to look at. The weaknesses of these tiles are tiles can be cold and hard on the feet and legs to stand for long periods of time.

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The second idea is the use of tiles as a wall design in a modern kitchen. The work that is always trendy and never goes out of style is a beautiful mosaic tile or other designs adhering to the wall. The sweetest way to get a beautiful wall design is to put the design on the tile backsplash behind your stove or on a plain wall. Mosaic tiles and designs can follow the theme of the decor in your kitchen or just being abstract and tile setting. In addition to these places, kitchens or window surround fireplace is also a specific area in the kitchen to display tile designs that attract attention, such as mosaic or favorite art. Make a picture frame out of the range of tiles that encases the mosaic or windows and used in place of traditional wooden window frames are also other things you can do to strengthen your beautiful kitchen look. To complete the perfection of the design on your kitchen wall, you should add a ceiling spotlights to shine on your tile design.

The use of tiles on the countertop is the next idea for your modern kitchen tiles design. There have been a lot of choices for countertop tiles besides traditional tiles, but many homeowners still admire the timeless beauty of tile countertops. Most of the tiles for the countertops are made of ceramic, porcelain or granite. All those tiles are perfect choices for your modern kitchen design. However, you need to pay attention to the biggest problem of the tiles for countertops; keeping grout clean and sanitary. Which is mainly to solve the problem is you have to seal the grout in the right way. Using larger tiles are also a good idea, because it means fewer grout area so you do not waste a lot of your energy for cleaning and sealing. Grout color is also a popular idea than using white grout because the grouts do not show stains and discoloration.

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Last idea involves the use of tiles in the kitchen is the use of tiles for your kitchen backsplash. The use of tiles on the backsplash has always been the main thing for many people, and therefore you should not ignore it. Tiles for a backsplash option have been very varied and now include modern materials such as glass and metal. Glass tiles, made from recycled glass, come in finishes ranging from glossy to flat. To produce sparkling accents throughout the kitchen, you can make a whole glass backsplash or just add some intermittently with ceramic tile. Glass tiles are paired with large windows or glass front of the cabinet puts more focus on translucent effect. In addition to glass tiles, other tile option for the backsplash is metal tile. Metal tiles can be found in stainless steel and copper. With popular stainless steel appliances and countertops, metal backsplashes in various textured tile design creates a perfect match.

Kitchen tiles design can come in a variety of styles. But there will be no beauty that is created when you do not have the imagination and creativity to process and organize the tiles in such a way. Therefore, to get the perfect results that you want, you have to dare to imagine and explore with these tiles. Happy decorating.

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