Kitchens with Fireplaces in Them

Feb 1st
Kitchens With Fireplaces Photos
Kitchens With Fireplaces Photos

A fireplace is known to be an interesting and exquisite addition to any home irrespective of the climate in your area. Earlier, fireplaces were only installed in the living room. However, with advancements in technology has made it possible for the fireplace to be added in any room of the house, including the kitchen. Below you can see some inspiring pictures of kitchens with fireplaces in them. While you are enjoying the pictures, you also need to read this important information related to choose the best fireplace for your kitchen.

Kitchens with Fireplaces in Them and How to Choose the Best Ones

Today, several types of fireplaces have been launched that can be easily installed in the kitchen area. Here is a list of instructions to assist you choose a fireplace for kitchen:

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 Choose The Best Fireplace for a Kitchen

1) First of all, you need to check rules and regulations about local fireplace code applicable in your state. In many states, there are certain restrictions. So, contact your local municipality and find about the inspections and permits that you would require.
2) Plan a budget for the fireplace to be installed in the kitchen. There are different types of fireplaces available, with each wearing a varying price tag. Remember to include the installation cost as well as cost of starting supplies.
3) Ascertain the need of the fireplace in the kitchen – whether it is going to be used to provide warmth and heat to the room or to cook things. Electric fireplaces are the latest trends. They are vent free or direct vent and are easy to maintain. However, they do not provide heat at all, and just add to the décor. On the other hand, gas fireplaces are also easy to operate, and provide heat also. If you wish to bake or cook in a fireplace then you may require to burn wood and hence a chimney and a hearth need to be added. Moreover, if you plan to do typical hearth cooking then you should select a wood fireplace, instead of gas. Remember that it shall demand a lot of hard work as you would need to tend the fire and chop the wood.
4) Design the fireplace in the kitchen. Assure that the fireplace blends perfectly with the décor of the room and other elements such as kitchen furniture, décor, appliances and more.
5) Get in touch with a mason and discuss in details about building a customized fireplace with a raised firebox and a hearth. Alternatively, you may even consider buying fireplaces that feature firebox as well as an oven.

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Most of kitchens with fireplaces in them shall add to the décor of the room and some others are also known to provide an additional cooking source.

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