Indoor Water Fountains Look Greater with Lighting Effects

Feb 4th
Unique Design of Indoor Fountain
Unique Design of Indoor Fountain

Indoor water fountains are like soft and soothing background music provided by an invisible orchestra. Add lighting to the fountain equation and that’s truly entertainment. No matter what your personal preference may be in style or materials, a lighted fountain exists that will please you, whether for your home or even for the office.
Ideas for Indoor Water Fountains with Lighting Effects
Tabletop Fountains – Increasingly, builders of housing developments incorporate indoor fountains, according to the Galt Technology website. The object of an indoor fountain is to create an interesting focal point. The soothing sounds of trickling waters can also create an atmosphere of calm and serenity. You could place a tabletop fountain at the entryway to your home, for example. Lighted tabletop fountains come in a myriad of themes and sizes from which to choose something you like, or that would be a great conversation piece. For a new homeowner, what could be more auspicious and fun than a lighted tabletop castle fountain, complete with turrets, towers and even a moat with water flowing through? Your home is your castle, after all, so why not take this literally. Along tranquility lines, consider something like a lighted white ceramic tabletop meditation Buddha holding a lotus flower with a floating glass ball. With a lighted tabletop fountain, you can have your own, portable sound and light show.
Floor Fountains – Moving fountain waters reduce pollutants in the air, and the negative ions attract dust particles, thereby enhancing air quality, according to an article on the Calming Waterfalls website. Many models of lighted standing fountains can fulfill these functions. An example is the reflecting floor waterfall. Standing about 49 inches high, it has the advantage of fitting into most spaces without dominating them. The silver mirror fountain face and black onyx trim are simple and understated. A display of polished river stones in the base adds interest, while a halogen light accentuates the stones and the waters if you choose to light them. Lighting flexibility allows you to place a fountain in a bedroom, for example. Indoor floor fountains are all about creating a comfortable and appealing environment. A word of caution, though: Not everyone takes to the sound of flowing water indoors. Be sure you can live with it, and select an indoor fountain that does not make you feel uncomfortable instead of calm.
Wall Fountains – Lighted wall fountains are like works of art to be enjoyed at eye level; but take the practical considerations into account before deciding where to install one. Is the intended wall made of sheet rock or concrete, for example? And where is the electrical outlet in relation to the position of the fountain? Will the electrical cord be visible, or hidden from view through use of a decorative cylinder cover perhaps, or the addition of a special electrical outlet behind the fountain? Keep in mind, too, that you will have to clean the fountain from time to time; so do position it within easy reach. Not all wall fountains rely solely on electrical lighting. Some wall fountains come with pillar candle lighting, like the shadow indoor wall fountain, for example. It features crackled glass and flowing water, which reflect the flickering candles to magical effect.
A fountain adds a touch of drama to your home or garden, but manufactured versions can be expensive. Whether you want to save money or simply take on a new project, indoor water fountains with lighting effects is a way to create an unusual piece of art and decor for your home.

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