Images of Contemporary Kitchens

Mar 20th
San Diego Beach Kitchen
San Diego Beach Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design is clean, sleek, and minimalist, but far from plain and simple. Find inspiration and ideas to design a contemporary kitchen that makes a stunning statement through these images of contemporary kitchens.

Images of Contemporary Kitchens: The Gallery

Picture One: Cool Black and White

8 Picture Gallery: Images of Contemporary Kitchens

Cool Black and White Kitchen
A crisp, black-and-white color scheme is the perfect complement to a sophisticated, contemporary kitchen. This sleek example balances a wall of espresso-stained cherry cabinets and a dark island with a bright white workstation. Dark countertops contrast the white wall and ceiling. And stainless-steel toe-kicks are a clever nod to the silver appliances rounding out the streamlined kitchen.

Light and Bright Contemporary Kitchen
While dark colors often dominate modern design schemes, you can go light and bright in a contemporary kitchen, too. Bright pear-wood cabinets and creamy golden granite countertops set atop color-infused slate floors demonstrate the light contemporary look in this clean-lined kitchen.

Contemporary with an Earthy Feel
Look for nature-inspired elements to take the edge off sharp, modern design without eliminating the crisp, clean look. In this kitchen, organic influences soften the kitchen’s rigid structure. Cabinets and a peninsula table crafted from warm woods balance the crisp stone countertops and island. Backsplash tiles look like pretty bamboo.
Picture Four: Classic Touch in a Modern Kitchen

Classic Touch in a Modern Kitchen
Updating an old kitchen into a new contemporary work space doesn’t have to mean giving up every classic detail. In this kitchen redo, brick from a wall that was removed was reclaimed to frame a new appliance wall. The warm red bricks set against shiny stainless steel bring a hint of nostalgia to the crisp new room.

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More than Stainless Steel Kitchen
Materials play a big role in establishing the style of a modern kitchen. Sleek and clean-lined doesn’t have to mean stark and boring, though. A variety of materials, all in a cool, contemporary color palette, make this modern kitchen attractive and interesting. Here, trademark dark mahogany cabinets and stainless-steel appliances blend with lush veined granite countertops, a bright white painted island, and shimmering glass tile walls for a kitchen that’s modern and gorgeous.

Chicago High Rise Kitchen
This high-rise Chicago condo unit gives the owners fantastic views, including an up-close look at the nearby John Hancock Center (shown outside the window). Inside, the kitchen island that makes use of three different materials to create a stunning look. The countertop is made from white-colored quartz, the cabinets are made from cherry wood with an olive ash burl insert, and the posts are made from stainless steel.

Urban Chic Look Contemporary Kitchen Style
Described by the designer as “urban chic,” this kitchen is clad in slab cabinets with elongated cabinet pulls. Both the cabinets and the pulls, which emphasize vertical and horizontal lines, are keys to the room’s contemporary style.  Stainless steel appliances complete the “urban chic” look.

San Diego Beach Kitchen
Set in a San Diego condo near the beach, this kitchen uses Konecto vinyl flooring instead of hardwood, because the vinyl prevents wet-footed beach goers from slipping on the floor. The kitchen also features a large backsplash composed of square field tile and multi-colored mosaics.
Through the images of contemporary kitchens, we can conclude that contemporary kitchens tend to be described as modern, minimalist and geometric. The characteristics include horizontal lines, asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation. Materials often are man-made rather than natural: stainless steel, laminate, frosted glass inserts, concrete, linoleum, chrome and lacquer. Contemporary encompasses styles from the 1940s to the present, with Europe, especially Italy, Germany and Scandinavia, leading the way.

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