Ideas for Rustic White Kitchens

Mar 8th
White Rustic
White Rustic

Rustic white kitchens have a traditional, clean and open appearance. The large blocks of white help reflect light and make your kitchen look and feel larger. Unfortunately, the clean color can also be a problem. When white pairs with modern styles, it tends to have a clinical feel. When white pairs with an antique style, the style’s natural hues and classic details balance out the white. Using an antique style guarantees your white kitchen will remain warm and inviting, despite the crisp color.

Styles of Rustic White Kitchens

Cottage – Cottage kitchens have an eclectic, countryside style that is both casual and decorative. The classic kitchen consists of a worn-down, honey-colored, oak herringbone floor and snow white walls. Glass-inset upper cabinets hang from the ceiling and oak-trimmed, colorful, mismatched tile countertops cover the lower white cabinets. Each section of lower and upper white cabinet has doors and drawers in different sizes for an eclectic accent. Add a vintage white stove, refrigerator and freestanding sink to pull the style together.
 Rustic Country Kitchens
Decorate the cottage kitchen with simple and colorful curtains on the windows and across the bottom of the open sink area. Display colorful dishware in the glass-inset cabinets and place a colorful pottery vase filled with mixing spoons on the stove. Add a decorative oak box on the counter and fill it with white hand towels.

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 Rustic White Kitchen
Farmhouse – Combine rustic, country and white themes to create a kitchen with an antique farmhouse style. The basic kitchen consists of pale pine floors and off-white walls. Pale pine counters compliment the simple cabinets made from thin, white, wood planks. Add reproductions of an old-fashioned white stove, sink and refrigerator to finish the basic design.
Decorate the farmhouse kitchen with antique kitchen items and splashes of color. Place an old-fashion coffee grinder on a corner counter and display painted pottery plates on a shelf. Secure a pair of white-and-blue-checkered curtains to a pine curtain rod places a braided blue rug next to the sink and stack blue towels in a basket on the counter.

 White Open Kitchen Rustic Country White Wood Floors
Victorian – An updated Victorian kitchen has a fancy feel that may require big bucks to create, but it can remain sturdy and stylish for generations. Dark mahogany wood trims the top of each cream wall and compliments the dark mahogany floors in the kitchen. The raised white cabinets sit on thick, round, hand-carved feet and lace-like carving trims the edge of each door and drawer. Cream marble countertops and round marble knobs provide a touch of warmth to the cabinets.
 White Rustic Kitchen
A gas or electric reproduction of an antique, white-enameled, cast-iron stove is important foraying the Victorian theme. Cover the refrigerator and dishwasher with custom paneling that matches the wood floors. Add a large, white, porcelain sink and white lace curtains to finish the basic kitchen. Decorate with flower-painted porcelain vases, bowls and plates.

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 White Rustic
Styles come and go when it comes to kitchen design, but rustic white kitchens will never go out of style. Whether paired with classic black, warmed up with wood tones, or emboldened with a bright spark of color, white kitchens stand the test of time. No longer just a utilitarian color, white is the foundation and basis of trendsetting kitchens.

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