Ideas for Light Blue Modern Bedroom

May 17th
Light Blue Modern Bedroom Duvet Cover
Light Blue Modern Bedroom Duvet Cover

Light blue, in its many variations, is one of the most classic decorating colors and appears in traditional motifs dating back thousands of years. Today’s light blue goes by many names: baby blue, powder blue, angel blue. Whatever you call it, light blue is calming and easy on the eye. It’s the color of a spring sky and clear seas. It’s the soft sigh of the color wheel and it’s perfect for your bedroom. If you really need ideas for light blue modern bedroom, just stay on the page and enjoy it.
Gallery Ideas for Light Blue Modern Bedroom
First Idea: A very traditional light blue wall color can soften white and gray bedroom furniture and makes it seem both welcoming and formal.
Second Idea: Light blue and billowy white are the colors of dreams (or at least of the sky and clouds). There is something feminine and soothing about this combo. Your bedroom will look like a princess’ bedroom.
Third Idea: Light blue bedrooms don’t have to be frilly, but they will always have a touch of the traditional about them.
Fourth Idea: Light blue provides the whimsy in a cheerful but quite modern classic bedroom. It looks great with the gold photo frame and the beige sofa bed. It’s a match made in heaven.
Fifth Idea: Light blue stretches its modern muscles in this space. This is about as starkly modern as this color gets.
Sixth Idea: Light blue is the go-to color in beach decor. Blue, beige and white looks like equal sky, sand and spray.
Seventh Idea: This eclectic light blue modern bedroom combines traditional lines and shapes with a bit of wild color. Note that everything aside from the orange velvet chaise longue is white, beige or black, allowing the patterned paper and chaise to take center stage.
Eight Idea: Light blue is a popular Colonial color, blending well with bright white trim and gold-tone wood floors.
Although light blue vary greatly in hue and tone, traditional light blues are true blues without the obvious yellows and greens in turquoise and teal or the grays in slate. On walls, they have a softening effect, which makes them a popular choice for bedrooms. Although it’s rare in modern design, light blue can be used as a neutral backdrop for eclectic, midcentury-inspired and modern designs. But it’s most often used in traditional and Colonial designs. Light blue modern bedroom pairs well with bright whites, beiges, golds and yellows.

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