Ideas for Large Tuscan Kitchen

Feb 3rd
Large Tuscan Kitchen Photos
Large Tuscan Kitchen Photos

A Tuscan kitchen brings old world Italian look to your home. Tuscan style decorating is similar to Spanish or Mediterranean style interior design. This style is warm, inviting and full of the natural elements of the Tuscan landscape. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with the natural forces such as Tuscan, your kitchen will become everyone’s favorite place to spend time. Large Tuscan kitchen does not vary much with Tuscan style kitchen in general. The main difference lies only in size, but the basic elements and decorations remain the same as Tuscan style kitchen in general. Besides large kitchen with Tuscan style can employ some large furniture because it has large space.

The Essential Keys to Create Large Tuscan Kitchen

Country Style Kitchen Tuscan Custom Large

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Furniture and Cabinets – Tuscan style cabinet is an open design with glass fronts or no front at all. Open style allows you to show your ceramics, spices and oils for cooking and add color to the room. Open plate rack displays colorful dishes and plates. The furniture should be solid and heavy pieces with ornate wrought iron. Use baskets to store your cooking equipment in the cabinet. To complete the large kitchen with Tuscan style, you can put a large Tuscan cabinet to enhance the entire kitchen style.

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Large Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Kitchen Island – The kitchen island is a mainstay in the Tuscan style kitchen. This is the core of the design of your kitchen. The island is an area where food is exquisitely prepared Tuscan. An old wooden table or stone works well in the Tuscan kitchen. An island is the center of the work and should have a rustic appearance. Choose a big and large kitchen island instead of small and narrow island for your large Tuscan kitchen. Modern Tuscan Kitchen might use granite or marble kitchen island restaurant, but it is also appropriate timber.

Large Tuscan Kitchen Traditional Style
Color – The colors in the Tuscan kitchen should be warm, natural shades like brown, terra cotta and olive green. You can use bright colors like red and orange on your ceramics. Especially for large kitchen Tuscan style you do not have to worry about choosing colors as you have enough space to decorate and you do not need to fear the wrong choice resulting color space seem much smaller than actual size. Color coordination should complement each other. For example, if you have light colored cabinets distressed or white, use dark warm colors on the walls.

large Tuscan Style Kitchen with Island

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Floor – As with color, you need not worry to explore with you because you have the floor space that is wide enough. Tuscan kitchen floor you have natural stone such as marble, slate or terra cotta. You can add a decorative element to the floor in a room with mosaic tiles.

Tuscan Kitchen Large Design

Decor – Tuscan kitchen using wrought iron wall art to decorate the room. Ceramic jars and vases adorn the top of cabinets and kitchen island. Use baskets in natural color to hold equipment and decorate the room. A rack for copper pots and pans are the Old World decorative touches that give the room looks Mediterranean. Select hammered copper for decorative pots and pans. The excellence large Tuscan style kitchen is that you have plenty of room to add accessories in it so the Tuscan look would be more powerful than the Tuscan kitchen with a small space.

Tuscany Kitchen Large
Large Tuscan kitchen is the same as other Tuscan style kitchens. The ultimate side of the kitchen is it has larger space than the others so that it can have more Tuscan decoration, furniture and accessories that enhance the entire Tuscan look of the kitchen.

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