Ideas for Building Water Wall Fountain

Jul 23rd
Building Water Wall Fountain Landscaping
Building Water Wall Fountain Landscaping

Water wall fountain brings motion to your home’s landscape. A wide array of suitable materials makes building one from scratch an exciting possibility. You may want to mix and match materials or convert an already existing wall into a fountain.

Water Wall Fountain Ideas

Natural – Build a natural rock wall fountain with rocks. Use the most interesting shapes you find or stick with smooth slabs. Ideal rocks for building a wall fountain may already sitting on your property. If not, choose from a variety of commercially available rocks. Incorporate fossils for visitors to inspect. Build your wall fountain of tiny stones, use boulders or a mixture of the two. The size of rocks you choose will influence how the water sounds as it trickles across the stones. Rock wall fountains can be fashioned to look rustic or modern.
Tiled – Tile fountains feature scenes, simple colors or dramatic motifs. Mosaics of birds, murals of animals and custom decorative tiling present limitless opportunities. Incorporate your own handmade tiles or put the entire family to work painting tiles. Install them carefully so that each tile will successfully endure years of water exposure.
Metal – Metal takes on a sculptural appearance during the effortless decent of flowing water. As water flows over the metal, it will age, wear and transform it into a one of a kind landscape feature. Consider building a metal wall fountain with materials such as copper, bronze, aluminum or stainless steel. Discover an exciting combination of metal by placing them side-by-side before you build. Expect metal to rust, oxidize and patina with the passing of time. Several chemicals recipes will accelerate the aging process, too.

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Tips of Building Water Wall Fountain

Go Natural – If you prefer to use green products or you have an earth-toned color theme, go natural with a wall fountain. Choose a natural building material, such as clay bricks or slate tiles, for an outdoor wall fountain or try a slate or natural metal, such as copper, for an indoor fountain. For a creative take on a natural look, create an indoor waterfall of stone or use pebbles for the back your hanging wall fountain.
Keep It Classic – If the contemporary wall fountain is not your style, pull your decor from the pages of history. Grecian- and Roman-inspired fountains, featuring lions or angels, can be purchased to hang in your indoor or outdoor space. However, if you choose a classic look, be aware that you may have to build or add a pool or bowl for the water to land in, as some of these may not already feature this option.
Add Some Art – Wall fountains can serve as more than just fountains these days. Install a wall fountain that doubles as art. Art wall fountains have fountain backs that look like photographs or paintings. You can even purchase fountains with famous impressionist works. Need an interesting corporate sign? Have your company’s name or logo put on the back of a wall fountain to hang above the receptionist’s desk.
Adding a water fountain to a wall in your home or garden is a simple building project with dramatic results. Build your water wall fountain with slate tiles or a solid sheet of marble, small river rocks or hand-painted Plexiglas.

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