Ideas and Images of Kitchen Tiles for Floor

Jul 6th
Kitchen Tiles For Floor Photos
Kitchen Tiles For Floor Photos

You’re somewhat limited in what category of floor covering you can wisely lay over a kitchen floor, carpet and wood are certainly generally bad ideas because of moisture and stain issues, but the versatility of tile more than makes up for that limitation. Tile comes in all kinds of materials (ceramic, marble, slate, even steel), as well as a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors. They all can make great-looking kitchen floors, and stand up to spills and water as well. Below you can see the ideas and images of kitchen tiles for floor.

The Design Ideas and Images of Kitchen Tiles for Floor

Brick Layed Kitchen Floor

10 Picture Gallery: Ideas and Images of Kitchen Tiles for Floor

Brick Rows – For a rustic, old-world look, consider brick tile. Using real brick on your floor isn’t an option (the weight could collapse your floor), but you can buy real brick-face tiles that come in that trademark rectangular shape and red color, but which are as thin as regular tile and lay in the same way. Lay them in the classic staggered-row configuration of old buildings to get the full effect. Remember that brick is a porous surface so has to be well-sealed after you lay it.

Black and White Checkerboard Kitchen Tile Floor
’50s Diner – For a fun new take on a nostalgic look, do a checkerboard pattern in 1-foot-square black and white ceramic tiles. This will mimic the look of an old-fashioned diner with black-and-white linoleum floors, except the harder, glossier look of the tiles will give it an updated feel. Carry the theme through the rest of the room with curved metal countertop trim and red-leather-and-chrome stools. Large ceramic tiles are more apt to crack on floors than smaller ones, so get extra thick tiles and make sure they’re properly laid on cement board backing.

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Stainlees Steel Metal Mosaic Tiles for Kitchen Floor
Modern Steel – If you have a highly modern kitchen with lots of stainless steel appliances, why not carry some of that hard, clean look to the floor? Stainless steel tiles are available out there, though you may have to look around a little to find them. They’re not something you’d want to use on the whole floor (too expensive, and too much steel), but rather as an accent for, say, white porcelain or light-gray marble. Consider using the steel tiles as a border, or intersperse them randomly.

The Color Ideas and Images of Kitchen Tiles for Floor

Neutral Kitchen with White or Cream Floor Tiles

White or Cream – White or cream tiles look attractive when they are matched with a kitchen trimmed in natural wood with natural wood cabinets. The pale color of these tiles opens up the space a great deal and can prevent a small kitchen from appearing too cramped. While white tiles show stains immediately, they can also make spot cleaning the affected areas easier so you don’t need to mop the entire floor. However, white or cream tiles are not necessarily a good choice for kitchens that have high traffic as the tiles readily show tracked-in dirt.

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Dark Marble – If your kitchen is a high-traffic area and you want to camouflage the dirt, choose dark colored marble tiles. The marble prevents the floor from looking too dark or gloomy. The marbling effect also gives the floor a bit of visual variety and avoids the appearance of a solid dark surface, which shows dirt more readily than a white or marble floor.

Mosaic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Mosaic – Mosaic tiles use many colors to create a picture or a repeating design in the floor. The tiles used for a mosaic kitchen floor are generally smaller but more brightly colored. Plan a mosaic floor before installing the tiles to get the effect you want. A few common designs are a decorated border, rosettes or sun and moon designs.

Black and White Kitchen FLoor Tiles

Black and White – For a very stark look, choose only black and white tiles. With larger tiles, use a checked pattern to create the effect of a traditional kitchen. For a more modern aesthetic tile the kitchen primarily in white with a black border. Alternately, you can also use tiles of different sizes and shapes. A kitchen floor that is primarily white but is offset with small, diamond-shaped black tiles offers both space and visual variety.
When you are looking to change the appearance of your kitchen, carefully choose the kitchen floor tiles. The kitchen floor is the largest single surface in the kitchen, and it has a pervasive and lasting effect on the impression that your kitchen gives. Select different kitchen floor tiles for different effects. You can see the amazing differences through the ideas and images of kitchen tiles for floor that are presented above.

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