How to Make Mini Bar Designs for Home

Jul 25th
Awesome Mini Bar Designs For Home
Awesome Mini Bar Designs For Home

A home bar is a useful accessory if you like to entertain. It provides space for liquor and glasses, saving precious cabinet space. It also creates a new atmosphere and is more fun because guests feel like they are out at a bar when in your home. The best part of a mini bar is it does not have to be enormous to be useful. A simple mini bar designs for home is a project someone with even a limited amount of woodworking experience can handle.
Steps of Making Mini Bar Designs for Home
To start the project, you should prepare all these following items; 8-foot plywood sheet, tape measure, pencil, table saw, wood screws, power drill, pilot bit, polyurethane or wood stain, brush and 200-grit sand paper.
First, measure and cut two 4-by-2-foot sections of plywood using a table saw. After that, measure and cut six, 3-inch-by-4-foot sections of plywood using the table saw. The next step you should do is you must measure and cut three, 2-foot-by-3-foot sections of plywood on the table saw.
Drill a row of three pilot holes along the top edge of the two 4-foot sections. Each hole is 1/4 inch from the top and spaced evenly along the length of the board. Next, drill another row of holes along the bottom edge 3-1/2 inches from the bottom edge. Make each hole evenly spaced. Drill three more pilot holes two feet from the top edge, spaced evenly and in a straight row.
Attach one 3-foot section between the two 4-foot boards aligned with each set of holes, and connect them using 2-inch wood screws and the drill. This forms a basic box shape with a middle shelf. After that, attach one of the 3-inch wide sections of plywood under the top and bottom shelves (the 3-foot sections) along the front and back side using wood screws and a power driver, or adhesive.
Attach the remaining two 3-inch sections under the bottom 3-foot section. Drill pilot holes first, if necessary, with a power driver. This acts as a brace and molding for the mini bar. And the last thing you should do, you may finish the mini bar using polyurethane or wood stain, letting it dry for four hours. Sand lightly with 200-grit sand paper and apply one more coat of stain or polyurethane.
If you love to entertain or simply enjoy a cocktail to wind down in the evening, you may want to consider designing your own mini bar. It’s relatively easy to incorporate a mini bar designs for home into the corner of any living room, kitchen, and basement game room or as a part of a companion to a home theater.

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