How to Create Old World Kitchens?

Jul 4th
Create Old World Kitchens With Lighting
Create Old World Kitchens With Lighting

Old World kitchens have been famous design for kitchen nowadays. However, what is the truly Old World? Old World design is related to a design which is comfortable, well-worn, and elegant style represents the old generations of European tastes. The essential things of Old World design are textured walls mimicking aged plaster, tumbled marble, distressed wood, large dark furniture pieces and weathered colors. The style mixes French, Tuscan, English cottage and other European influences. Now how about designing an Old World kitchen? We’ll give you a brief explanation about creating kitchen with Old World design below.

Steps of Creating Old World Kitchens

Old World kitchen design starts with combining free standing kitchen furniture and mismatched. It is advisable to hire an agent who can design a customized kitchen that suits us; either with the use of handmade kitchen furniture. Long kitchen island which is equipped with chairs is one of the charms of the Old World kitchen style. With a long kitchen island, kitchen has extra storage and a large amount of space to prepare meals. Do not forget to insert ancient effect by choosing the island with legs that similar to a traditional table.

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Old World Kitchen Style
Next, select and use materials that look antique. The most appropriate choice is stain cabinetry with dark glazes. Also choose furniture that looks battered and distressed. For the perfection of Old World kitchen style, you should avoid the use of shiny new metals and choose natural materials such as stone and wood. Rounded tip material is more fitting than a sharp and crisp end. Backsplash for the kitchen with Old World style would be more striking with tumbled marble. For durability and counter materials that are authentic, the best option is a butcher block or granite.

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Old World Kitchen
To bring a taste of Old World kitchens authenticity, modern equipment should be hidden and should use the period hardware and fixtures. The best idea is to not bring up the microwaves in the front view of kitchen, hide them behind cabinetry. Then choose the panel to conceal the refrigerator and dishwasher. These will help the modern appliances to immerse themselves in surrounding furnishing. Do not forget to choose an oven with heart-style made of AGA and a farmhouse-style sink.
Old World Style for Kitchens
Comfort is the most important thing in the Old World kitchen style. Do not forget also to incorporate elements of European kitchens by uniting arches and exposed beams in your kitchen. Fireplace is a must on an Old World kitchen. But if you do not like it, you can replace it by a brick arch over the stove cooking. This looks more trendy option for a modern feel. To reveal the rustic appeal of your kitchen, unpainted and thick beams across the top of high ceilings can do it instantly. The most appropriate choice of cabinetry for the kitchen with Old World kitchen is a cabinet that has curves and open shelves that can show off the collections of dishes or stoneware.

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Old World Style Kitchens
For the final touch, put metal accents and fixtures. You can do it instantly by hanging a wrought iron pot rack over your island or a forged iron chandelier. A metal baker’s rack is a nice pick to hold your assortment of cookbooks and other kitchen accessories. Use pewter or aged copper, which develops a distinct patina. Don’t forget to add a scrolled metal screen to it if you incorporate a fireplace into your kitchen design.

The Old World Design for Kitchen
Old World kitchens blend modern conveniences with antique or distressed furniture and materials to create comfortable and functional design.

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