How to Clean Kitchen with Black Floor Tiles?

Feb 16th
White Furniture and Black Floor Kitchen
White Furniture and Black Floor Kitchen

You would think that when you lay down black floor tiles in your home that the dark color would hide all of the dirt that accumulates with foot traffic. Unfortunately, the result is quite the contrary. Kitchen with black floor tiles tend to show a lot of dirt, which robs them of their gloss or perfect matte finish. Switching your usual cleaning product, to one that contains distilled white vinegar and castile soap, will keep your black floor tiles looking their best without leaving a residue. Follow these steps.

Steps for Cleaning Kitchen with Black Floor Tiles

Before starting the project, you should prepare the materials as follows: 32 oz. spray bottle, 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar, five drops of castile soap and microfiber mop.

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After all the materials are ready, begin your job by filling a 32 oz. spray bottle halfway with water. Do not add more water than half of the spray bottle because you will need room for the addition of the vinegar and castile soap, as well as, empty space for the ingredients to breathe.

Pour 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the spray bottle of water. If you have a spray bottle that is bigger or smaller than 32 oz., adjust the measurements, while keeping the ratio 1/2 quart of water to 1/2 cup of vinegar.

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Then, add five drops of castile soap to the mixture in the spray bottle. For a smaller spray bottle you will want to cut the amount down to approximately two drops, and for larger spray bottles you may use as much as five to six drops of additional soap.

Fasten the spray bottle’s top and give the bottle a light shake to evenly disperse the contents. Spray the black floor tiles generously with the soap, vinegar and water mixture.

Finally, mop the black floor tiles with a microfiber mop, going over the tiles with the mop until all of the dirt and cleaner have been removed. Continue the process of spraying the tiles, and mopping with the microfiber mop until the black floor tiles sparkle.

Pay attention to this note; if the microfiber mop becomes overly dirty while cleaning, rinse it under warm water and wring it out well. Continue with the spraying and mopping procedure. Castile soap is a ‘green’ cleaner that is made from plant oils instead of synthetics and other dangerous chemicals. There are quite a few online stores that sell castile soap, which can even be used to replace your shampoo, and the soaps that you use in your washing machine and dishwasher.

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Any cleaner that is left to set on the kitchen with black floor tiles will only become a magnet for dirt, requiring additional cleaning.

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