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May 28th
No Flower Window Boxes

Window box ideas are available in different methods which give references in how to design window box to make it look gorgeous in appearance. It is definitely a must to decorate both interior and exterior house since it will make the residence look beautiful and attractive in appearance. One of exterior decorating ideas is by having window box which can be planted with different flowers and plants. Window box design does amazing in making look more beautiful and attractive to the windows in a very significant way.

When it comes to decorating windows with planter boxes,

it should be well considered as your personality to be optimal in making it should be well considered as your personality to be optimal in making exterior house look much better in beauty and value. Plants will do great to create neutral appearance while flowers can do great in order to be adding highlights. Ideas for window box should count on size, layout, color and personal style.
Ideas for Window Box Design, It is a great idea to have hanging plants in window box to give fullness appearance which mix and match with garden below it. In order to be drawing attention away from plain walls, it is definitely a great idea to have windows as landscaping areas. You can plant different types of flowers and plants as you desire and require in order to be creating beautiful exterior design. In order to be integrating the window box upward and outward, you can apply climbing plants and vines which can be achieved by planting Virginia creepers, ivy and wisteria.
It is also going to be amazing to have smaller plants surround tall plants to be creating highlights which will draw attention since it can be amazing focal point of your house. There are popular choices for this idea such as lilies, gladiolus and amaryilis.If you want to plant long lasting plants with lesser maintenance, then you can choose to have perennials as flowers for your window boxes. These types of flower can last for two until four years which are taken for granted that you will find them wonderful in creating beauty to exterior house. There are also great flowers which can draw attention such as tulip, jasmine, daisy, impatient and violet which can be planted in your window box for colorful appearance.
Window box ideas are available in different methods but no matter what you use, you should first of all take consideration in how you want it to look like and feel in order to be creating finest result that you can get. Whether it should be stand out or blend in, you can apply any type which really represents your personality and sense of style.

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