Getting Silver Kitchen Cupboards through Painting Process

Feb 21st
Wooden Silver Kitchen Cabinet
Wooden Silver Kitchen Cabinet

Changing the color of your cupboards, especially if there are many in your kitchen, is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to make a huge impact. If you desire a very sleek, modern look, silver metallic may be the look for you. Many people wonder how to give their wooden cabinets this type of look without it appearing cheap or spray-painted. Using a process of applying metallic stains and glazes, you can achieve shimmering silver kitchen cupboards.

Steps of Painting to Reach Silver Kitchen Cupboards

First, prepare all the materials as follows: painter’s tape, tarps or drop cloths, cream colorant, silver stain and seal mix, metallic silver set coat, wooden paint stick, paint pan, low-nap paint roller, paintbrush, acrylic-based glaze, 2-inch chip brush and rag.

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  • After all the materials are ready, you can begin your project with clean, smooth, bare cabinets without any finish. After that, you should line along the floor, backsplash and other areas where the cupboards touch other surfaces with painter’s tape. Cover countertops, major appliances and floors with tarps or drop cloths.
  • Combine 2 oz. of cream colorant with 2 oz. of a silver stain and seal mix. Mix these into 1 gallon of metallic silver set coat. Stir the paint well with a wooden paint stick.
  • Transfer some of the paint into a paint pan. Apply the paint all over the cupboards with a low-nap paint roller; work paint into any crevices or onto detail work with a paintbrush. Allow the paint to dry overnight, and apply a second coat.
  • Mix together 4 oz. of the silver stain and seal mix and one quart of acrylic-based glaze. Brush the glaze onto the cupboards with a 2-inch chip brush, working with the grain of the wood. Dab off most of the glaze while it is wet with a clean rag, and let the glaze dry completely.
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The cabinetry in a kitchen is a major investment and replacing it is a costly and time-consuming choice. If the cupboards are in good working condition and simply need to be updated, there are a variety of ways that the appearance can be made over. The updated cupboards will add value to the home and make the kitchen a much more inviting place for the family to gather. Painting your cupboards is the easiest and cheapest way to create brand new look of your cupboards. Silver is wonderful color to reach modern kitchen cupboard style. To get long lasting silver kitchen cupboards, you should protect your cupboards with a good quality, clear wood sealant.

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